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  1. Not the CN Tywin! Someone once warred me because they thought I was! haha Haha, in another world Apeman! Have a good one.
  2. I never was much for tradition. Never made a farewell thread back in November when I quit, but having logged in now to quite a few messages inquiring why; here's a quick one. The game got very boring for me a long time ago. When it got to the point of affecting RL and dreading having to even log in; I quit. I always played for myself, and that's exactly how I ended it. Probably what sums up this game for me is, despite having quit 5 months ago, I am still #1 on the tanks destroyed leaderboard with a 280k+ lead! Most of my friends are long gone but, anyway, thank you for the great time everyone. Have a good RL!
  3. Everyone wants to dominate. It's just how things are. Every alliance if given the opportunity to form dominance in a tier will go for it, it's that simple. That's how most upper tier alliances have pitched to me in the past their idea for future! And yes, I'm pretty inactive - you got that much right. Fair enough. Good luck for the future wars!
  4. I'm not responsible for what other guys comment yo. I don't mind dog piles. Do what you can.
  5. Well, then it's surprising that he's missed the strategic situation right now. A top performer shouldn't miss it. As far as I'm concerned, I'm retired right now and getting more action than I would like. While we're at it, why didn't you join the war? Surely you wouldn't want to miss out..
  6. lol. Grumpy has what most alliances want, dominance in a specific tier. I remember us wanting to do this back in Mensa too. NPO has something similar in lower tier. Even TEst had something similar before Papers Please. It's a smart thing to do, not dumb. Grumpy is surely hard to take out but the way things are right now, it's not very difficult with some coordination and strategy. My next line explains why you must have missed that! I looked at your name and pixel hugger clicked in my mind but The Golden Horde tag confused me. I then noticed you led GPA and TCW! Everything makes sense now.
  7. What are you talking about? No bank Seb was actively involved in ever had missing cash as far as I know.
  8. * - Last Friday at 5:01 PM Do you think I should get out of gringotts? TywinLannister - Last Friday at 5:01 PM Probably. Who runs it now? If it's just Cuzelle Ya definitely - Always listen to me folks.
  9. Either way mate, you're one of the reasonable players here so after peace has been reached, it's in bad taste and rather disappointing to see such a thread from you. If the war was still on, it's all good but it's over now.
  10. I haven't been following up with Orbis but the thread is in bad taste. Maybe it's the first war you won, but there is no need for such sarcastic threads. The war ended, one side won, another lost, time to shake hands and walk away. Standards in Orbis have however been slipping and I guess being a jerk after winning a war is the new low we have hit.
  11. always happy to help the less privileged, my dear. its slightly less than what you asked for since im poor myself but the intention is what counts!
  12. Oh my... I want to comment on how immature this entire episode has been but at least you did the right thing.
  13. Seems like a fair idea. This already exists by and large for the mid tier players, but no one loans out to new players without any reputation so essentially banks only loan out to people with good reputation. This way, new players will also be able to benefit from the loans. The default insurance part needs to be worked out a bit to make sure there is no abuse of the system.
  14. You know.. I will tend to agree with what you're saying because on the other end, ex- Rose is talking big so clearly, past shitty performance is not something to go by?
  15. Why worry about what Rozalia has to say when he has to work on an amazing new cosmetic change?
  16. I think a lecture on freedom of speech and freedom of expression is required. I can deliver it at a discount rate for our great moderators if Alex wants!
  17. I'm a Muslim and I do not find it offensive at all. I really don't care what someone else thinks about Islam or any concept in it. Those Muslims who do find it offensive - will also probably find women outside on the street alone offensive so.. it's futile to bother about them.
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