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  1. Did you just quote Ostian Delafour?
  2. High levels of Xenos activity detected in the region of BK, maximum purge authorised by order of his most holy Emperors Inquisition
  3. Hey everyone. I'm Kirito, the Minister of Judicial Affairs for The Brotherhood of the Clouds. I'm relatively new to those forums, although a few of you may have seen me around. I'm trying to get more active, considering I'm a government member, but it'd be nice to get to know some of you as well
  4. Aincrad is the floating castle upon which the VRMMORPG Sword Art Online takes place, and Kirito is the main character, a kind of lone wolf swordsman who dresses all in black. Cool stuff
  5. Good thing Aincrad flies no blocked trade routes for me xD
  6. *doesnt post new pictures for 3 months* XD I'm in the middle of painting an Emperors Children 30k army, so that's good fun
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