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  1. It would be more fun for you and no one is stopping you and like minded people from playing the game that way. PnW is about choices and decisions. Limiting how people play, either via rules enforced or game mechanics is not the answer.
  2. What have NPO done since they came here? I'd go for Syndicate...
  3. Pre's account was built to tackle us, our accounts were not fully built, had we been fully built up he would have struggled to get ground/air control within the first 6/7 Action Points and we could have made more of a fight of it. I beat 3 of Arrghs top guys months back, due to me being built and them not. It ain't about who hits first, it's about how you have set up your account. Striking first does have it's advantages, but then again, so it should.
  4. Very much like I felt when Mensa kicked your ass at Christmas. Dem tanks and planes, bro. Dem tanks and planes...
  5. People leave cuz the game is shit. I'd say boredom plays more a part then those big nasty raiders... easiest way to not be raided is to have a standing army. We don't need mechanics, plenty of options out there already to combat this...
  6. I find it ok, just stop being greedy.
  7. Knew Mensa woud be Trump before I even opened the thread! As for the rest of em, I only know a few so the joke goes over my head. 10/10 Syrup.
  8. Not everyone can play politics, but everyone of us can play war! I suggest a name change to War and Politics!
  9. Good, I always thought he was a !@#$!
  10. (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) must be truly !@#$ing awful then!
  11. seeing as most people are doing !@#$ all other than trading and collecting the log in bonus it's a bit pointless to do it any other time.
  12. Yes please, I've had the notification that a player has reached 30 score and have had no idea who it was a few times. Had I known, I could have taught them the ways of PnW, given em some cash and resources and maybe kept them in the game. They probably got bored and left instead...
  13. Why did some of you even come to PnW when it's painfully obvious that you just want to play !@#$ing (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways)...
  14. lol why on earth would you sign up with Rose? You got more chance of making it on your own...
  15. Let's get rid of war ranges and scores and let's drive away the !@#$ing pixel hugging carebear !@#$s... maybe then the game will get interesting. All I see is people asking for the easy route. Pay me enough money and I'll infrabomb the shit out of you so you can go and counter em, unfortunately the whining from the 'must change brigade' have gone and !@#$ed you over and made it even tougher for you. Alliances like Arrgh will just look at the new mechanics and work out an effective gameplan. Every time you move the goalposts all you are doing is giving certain alliances an even bigger advantage. We'd have worked out the pro's and con's of the new mechanics before most of you guys have even come to terms with the old ones.
  16. Maybe thats because Arrgh and the other war like alliances have the best grasp of the mechanics. We are 'moaning' for your benefit. This update actually benefits alliances such as Mensa and those that know how to blitz properly. We can put you out of the fight for good in the first few minutes of warfare. Unless you are sitting on a !@#$ing mountain of cash, you will be at our mercy... This update is bad for everyone!
  17. The only way to show Sheepy how wank his new mechanics are is to start up another mass war. Then he can watch the winning team hold the defeated team down for months on end at very little cost in time, money and resources.
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