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  1. That ignores the fact that he wants a progressive income tax and wants to put Governemnt spending and size through the roof. Which are the opposite of libertarian, except for left-libertarians and libertarian socialists, but most are central or right libertarian.
  2. Any libertarian who supports sanders is also not a real libertarian, i was genuinely surprised to discover thoose existed
  3. Is he some sort of God now? Apperntly he thinks he is, considering he believes he has the power to "turn the water on" in a drought ridden California. OH I forgot there is no drought, California is just reciving significantly less rainfall and doesn't have enough water, that's completely different from a drought.
  4. He doesn't represent the libertarian party Johnson has said that republicans are the lesser of two evils compared to democrats, and he even used to be republican. He is pro open borders and pro choice beacuse that's his parties platform, and while I am pro-life most of his his beliefs are closer to mine than other . He is not going to suicide into trump as he said he thinks that neither party republican or democrat could defend themselves against libertarian beliefs. He opposes trump yes, but he also opposes Hillary. And he isn't trying to win the never trump crowd, he says he wants to sway in
  5. Gary Johnson actually takes more from Hillary than trump in the polls. And Snaders would be good to have on their so trump can't chicken out of debating him. Also it's not the parties themselves it's the bipartisan debate commission. that's the plan now technically but it requires 15% of support in the polls which is impossible to get for a third party without getting national attention, which is most easliy done by being invited to the debates, so it's a cycle
  6. Well since they can't defend their parties positions against rational pstitons, spthey have to silence the rational pstions
  7. The idea is once the candidate gets into the debate and gets national recongintion they have a chance
  8. The alliance is not over I have presumed temporary leadership and we will begin the election process to choose a replacement tomorrow
  9. Currently the debate system is rigged to ensure no third party can contend for the presidency. Gary Johnson and the Our America Intiative hopes to allow third party candidates a chance to participate in the debates? Do you believe third party canidates who are on the ballot in the majority of states should be invited to debates?
  10. It ceases to exist, but so does everyone including you does to. I wish for a small loan of a million dollars
  11. Massive inflation occurs and 10 million dollars isn't worth anything I wish for a sandwich
  12. The old one was worse somehow I wish hitter never rose to power
  13. Since you fail to provide a wish, one will be proved for you: You are granted a closed room and 100 cats that want to kill you, and you are stuck to the wall so you can't defend yourself I wish for world peace
  14. You get it but you are killed by eh Canadian who wants it back I wish to end world hunger
  15. were and anarcho-syndicalist commune, but that's not an optionCommunism
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