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  1. To bad we ain't completely destroyed, 2019 will bring a new darkness to typhoon
  2. It was like Sherman's March all over again but this time Dixie made it through. (picture just in case you forgot what it is I know not everyone is fond of history)
  3. I just read this but if anyone is still reading this forum post I would like to state Dixie Union was never formed to be racist, it was formed with the love of the south and the culture. If you talked to us you would of knew that. Along with I love that national anthem it is my ringtone.
  4. It was a good ol time but we did clear it up with Richard (We as in The Dixie Union ) . So as I know we are good with them again.
  5. Good luck disappointed to see are allies in UNSC go.
  6. Lol good luck then just watch it if you decide to hit Dixie again ?
  7. It didn't help none of you can control your members and who you attack. Your just lucky UPN stepped in when they did.
  8. I thought it was 3 strikes and your out. Come on Sean this is your 5th.
  9. UNSC-The Dixie Union Mutual Defence and optional Aggression Pact Terms Item I The above nations hereby agree to cease and permanently end any and all aggressions and conflicts and to further avoid any and all potential future conflicts so long as this treaty be held in relevance. Should either party breach the above terms, the below terms immediately become void. Item II The above nations hereby agree to provide, within reason, any relevant intelligence and necessary aid required by the other party. Item III Should either of the above parties fall under outside aggression which they require assistance in repelling, the other party is require to assist the assailed party. Item IV Should either of the above parties incite or begin aggression towards an outside party, the other party is allowed, with permission from the inciting party, to take part in the aggressions. Item VI Either party may, for any reason, cancel this treaty at any time once they have notified the other party of cancelling at least 12 hours prior. Signed : UNSC: Major General: Michael K Ultra Brigadier General: Ragnar The Dixie Union : The Emperor : Emperor Damon The President : Greg Vice president : Jack Rackham Secretary of Foreign Affairs : FC
  10. Glad to see it over. Good job TCW
  11. Good luck guys and remember to talk to me when you get a chance.
  12. You have already talked to me on discord now you need to comment on my forum to? Im hoping he has learned form his mistakes and will not leave his alliance when things get tough.
  13. Together Me and a Old friend have been brought together with a MDP. We hope that it will last long and strong. The Dixie Union will come to your aid if you need it as I hope you will for us. Hope to be doing more business with you soon. Signed for The Dixie Union Greg Dark Damon Signed for The Mighty Atlantic ~Sean Anthony ~Asierith
  14. What is your discord server? Can you please provide the link.
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