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  1. Luna

    Terminus Est Declaration.

    Glad to see the boys over in Roz getting a hand for the time being. Props.
  2. Luna

    Oblivion's DOE

    glhf brosefs
  3. Luna

    Announcement from the Seven Kingdoms

    I always preferred Master of Whispers. Glad to see you're going in the right direction.
  4. I think they're all personal beef xD
  5. Luna

    The Division

    Hey guys! If any of you are playing Tom Clancy's The Division come join us on IRC in #thedivision to get more agents in your party!
  6. Luna

    Recognition of Hostilities and Enmity

    Are your godly sense tingling?
  7. Congrats! Looking forward to where you steer the ship too.
  8. Luna

    Announcing Guardian of the Storm

    Awesome! Congrats to y'all.
  9. Luna

    An Announcement from the Seven Kingdoms

    Yooooo go us! Sick treaty I wonder who wrote it
  10. I'm so hype. Go us! FRIENDS! YAY!
  11. Luna

    Iberia Declaration of Existence

    Congrats, and welcome!
  12. Luna

    Knights of Stormwind Charter

    Welcome to Orbis!
  13. Luna

    Tiger's pact with Mad Dogs

    Awesome! Congrats to all of you
  14. Luna

    Shuriken has a new Charter.

    gg no re glhf further
  15. Luna

    It's time for a little R&R here in Orbis!

    Congrats to RnR, BoC's probably a choice you could make

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