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  1. Dwynn

    Kanye & Trump

    Not bad for a discussion, but does this belong in Game Hub? I fail to see anything gaming related.
  2. Dwynn

    Become a Legend...

    haha, I love some of the adventure steps entirely too much
  3. Dwynn

    Terminus Est Announcement

    Oh hello there gents!
  4. Dwynn

    Become a Legend...

    @Jodo has a killer kitty bandit that's fast as @#$%@#$%. I'll leave it at that.
  5. Dwynn

    Become a Legend...

    Just thought I'd post a quick update here, it's been quite a while. For those who haven't followed along by playing, Legends of Duskhorn is a game I am developing devoted to the RPG-nerd in me. Players can create heroes, guilds, and go on adventures. Coming down the pipe are lootable equipment, quests, religion/aligntment based changes, and much more. Hope to see you in the arena soon! Maybe someone can take down Gloin, Jodo, or Khoulmoin! Become a legend today! http://duskhorn.com
  6. Oh hey, I got mentioned!
  7. Dwynn

    Join Black Knights!

    Black Knights, join them. They have a Malone and a Jodo.
  8. Dwynn

    Become a Legend...

    Yeah, I have resolved that. Sorry, heh.
  9. Dwynn

    Become a Legend...

    My man! You're preaching to the choir.. all in good time. Equipment etc is coming, but it's a bit further down the todo list at the moment.
  10. Dwynn

    Become a Legend...

    Renown is nothing at the moment, it'll be a way for tracking battles basically. Kind of a "who's who in the arena" type of system where people will gain renown based on their wins in the arena. You do have hitpoints, there is a health/mana/stamina prompt at the top of the screen when you're signed in. It always updates to whatever your current level in each of those is. Blitz is currently a difficult skill, you will fumble it more often than you would a less difficult skill like kick or smash. The more damage a skill is capable of doing, the more difficult it is for the skill to be pulled off successfully. The difficulty of skills however is able to be tweaked easily, but in order to know the best balance I need plenty of data to look through. Also, during battles, you still regenerate health/mana/stamina every hour. So while you may be damaging your opponent when you attack, as you wait to rebuild mana/stamina they are also regenning. Hence how they end up back at perfectly healthy.
  11. Dwynn

    Become a Legend...

    I had actually intended to do that, but hadn't added it yet. Vitality > Stamina, Spirit -> Mana, that'll probably get added this weekend
  12. Dwynn

    Become a Legend...

    Good input, the battle system is still in it's early form. There will be status effects, etc. Plus instead of all attack related skills/spells I plan on adding buffs/debuffs as well. But right now I'm working on the adventure system so players can earn more training points by adventuring etc. The game is in very early alpha stage at the moment, but please keep the comments coming. Soon™
  13. Dwynn

    Become a Legend...

    Can't say that I have.
  14. Dwynn

    Become a Legend...

    Awesome, wasn't even aware it existed. Never the less, I'll continue on my path.
  15. Dwynn

    Become a Legend...

    Screenshots of a text-based rpg simulator that's still in alpha? Also about link is in the top navbar called help.

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