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  1. Dwynn

    Alliance relevance rank!

    I've been out of the game for a while, so I didn't contribute to this thread about the relevance of alliances. However, I can contribute to the relevance of @Itachi. And what I would say would simply mirror the words that @Prefontaine has already spoken. There is a time for hubris, and there is a time for silence. Learn from this and move on young one.
  2. Dwynn

    P&W dark theme

    Maybe I'lll go through and finish up this dark theme I'm using with stylish and post it up. I'll see if I can manage some time to do that.
  3. Going into VM to avoid a war isn't abusing the mechanic. @Alex made his stance on that clear. However, I'm uncertain if Alex knows that people CAN leave vacation mode early, considering the statement on the vacation mode page in bold underline stating they can't. If he's aware and doesn't care, he should probably remove that from the VM page.
  4. lol... I'm far from riled. I'm simply stating that what was mentioned appears to be cheating. I mean... the riled up one could be said to be you continuing bringing up Prefontaine. It's like a bad breakup and you're a jilted lover.
  5. Are you seriously going to make this about @Prefontaine. Here, I'll give you a hint. I don't care, I wasn't here. What I do care about is if there's a broken mechanic it gets fixed. I understand I've been gone quite a while and people don't remember me. But... I've always been about a balanced system and functioning mechanics. If Alex indeed doesn't care, then perhaps he should change the VM page. I have a tendency to think that the opposite is true given the wording of the VM page. But yes, please continue to make this thread about Pre and not about Spanish Armada's inability to "go the distance" and "permawar" etc. Let's not make it about their inability to wage an effective war and more about drama that happened years ago.
  6. Sooo... here's my thoughts, and perhaps it doesn't belong in this since it's more of a mechanics discussion. However, seeing that it is part and parcel with the way the politics have played out I'll put it here. If I went on vacation for 365 days, and then reset it to 14 days, that is the very definition of leaving vacation mode early. Sure, you still have to sit out the 14 day window, but that's still 351 days earlier than the vacation mode.
  7. Hmmm interesting.... I'm pretty sure that's NOT how vacation mode is supposed to work. Taking advantage of a broken mechanic is akin to cheating isn't it?
  8. Dwynn

    P&W dark theme

    I still use it via Stylish because it's better than being blinded.
  9. It's my suggestion to solve the problem which Alex presented, which was the fact that he was having to moderate complaints about war-slot filling and intentional beiging. I know long threads can be hard to follow, and the course of the threads may change, but the heart of the problem is this: This whole discussion is because Alex is tired of people trying to get away with war-slot filling. My suggestion, which you may not agree with, is to hardcode things in to the game so he doesn't have to moderate when someone wants to sneak by with questionable behavior. And sure, Arrgh could declare an alliance-level war on everyone, which would then put them at war with everyone. Congratulations, your condescending response to my suggestion clearly shows you've got no comprehension of who I am, had you given it three seconds of thought. Since, as you seem to not be aware, alliance leaderships typically aren't anything I give two thoughts about when I discuss mechanics or issues. Sure, members will go rogue, no debate there. But having something coded into the game to better alleviate the trouble Alex mentioned alleviates his frustration at being inundated with moderation reports every time a war breaks out. Now, could you please describe how a hard-coded requirement for alliances to be at a declared state of war in-game before you can attack another alliance wouldn't alleviate some of the frustration and moderation concerns Alex has? If as you stated, it's usually going to be "rogue members" doing the war-slot filling, if there's literally a mechanic in-game that stops them from doing it how is that not a contributing solution to the problem Alex is intent on solving due to the salt that people dole out regularly when at war?
  10. tl;dr entire thread... buuut.... You now have "treaties" in-game. Why not add an alliance level war-declaration in game. And you can only declare wars against alliances you've used the alliance war-dec on. "But hey, that means I can't raid!" No, it just means that your raiding alliance needs to declare war on the target raided alliance. "But what if they're not in an alliance" Well obviously then you wouldn't have to do an alliance-level war. "Well then my opponent's allies will simply declare war against my opponent's alliance so they can war-slot fill" Well they may, but as the gist of the issue here is that Alex is tired of having to moderate war-slot filling, this would alleviate a lot of his headache. "So why make the change then?" Well a lot of what people have objections against is a change to the full on war-mechanics this late in the game. Sure things need to be tweaked now and then for bugs, but this is more of a convenience change. I'd be a bit upset for having a war-system overhaul after having a well-established system.
  11. Dwynn

    Remove maximum offensive war slots

    Why would you need unlimited or expanded war slots? "Help raiders cash in" A raider should take the time to look at their targets war history and determine if you're going to get results. Sure, looking at the war history and timelines won't ALWAYS give you an accurate accounting of whether or not they're sitting on loot, but that alone isn't worth the change. Stop being a lazy raider. You can raid up to 5 people at once currently, the problem is you're either A.) not researching dilligently, or B.)hitting people too close to their inactivity cut off. You NEED to have some risk to raiding, otherwise you're simply saying "Hey, give us as much free money as we want."
  12. Yeah, there's that. Except he could have nuked or missiled me into submission. I mean... he promised to nuke me and didn't deliver.
  13. Dwynn

    TEstleration of War.

    Is it me? Was it me? Am I the one asleep at the wheel?
  14. Dwynn

    Kanye & Trump

    Not bad for a discussion, but does this belong in Game Hub? I fail to see anything gaming related.

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