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  1. Only reason WTF is losing so many nukes is becaust TEst keeps spying them away.
  2. Is Placentica a furry? Seems to me that most people [like Ogaden and I] who use animal avatars, are furries.
  3. How much for TEst to roll a small alliance barely in the top 25? the price should scale based on the size of the targetted alliance, like, 250mil for an alliance between 25th and 16th rank, 500mil for 15th to 11th rank, 750mil for 10th to 6th, 1bil for 5th to 1st, etc.
  4. I'll bet 2mil$ to the pot for TOG to stomp LUN; I absolutely hate those arrogant pricks after having to deal with their idiocracy.
  5. *their, not there. There is a place, Their(s) is possessive- does 'that place peace mode tactics' sound correct? if you said yes, then please make your way to a kindergarten school and re-take second grade. Your grammar is crap, should have worded it "...word is as shitty as your 'no raid' list". I mean I know you're a Kentucky boy, Mr. Clooney, but christ, as a rich and famous old guy you should know SOMETHING about proper wording.
  6. I think you mean't 'definition', not 'definitely'. Neutral is just another term used to describe an alliance so full of incompetence that they can't even trust themselves to pick a side or sign a treaty without half the membership spitting out their pacifiers and crying like the infants they often times, are.
  7. For what it's worth, Aardwolve's aren't really hyenas, our genetics is different, we're more dog-like whereas hyenas are more feline-like, we eat termites and are insectivores, hyenas are carnivores and scavengers, and I mean if you saw a baby aardwolf, and compare it to a baby hyena, you'd be like "OMG I WANT SEVEN OF THOSE BABY AARDWOLFS!" AND, to top it off, in the US, in 30 states you can own aardwolves, but hyenas in only 5 states. Some drunk brit explorer saw an aardwolf munching on termites and lazing in the sun in front of an abandon termite mound and was like; "OI CRIKEY GUV'NAH
  8. well sadly it'll be a short war for us, as both of our leaders, BrocktimusPrime, and Viselli, bailed right after we agreed and posted the Dow, to join VE and Sparta. Viselli was so butt-hurt about the flag vote winning that he removed me as a Minister before he bailed. Seriously folks, there are some REALLY butt-hurt people in this game... and they lead alliances... smh.
  9. naw, we wanted you out of the alliance you're a kid, and refused to follow orders from ministers, and conversing with a hostile alliance, and threatening to leave Skn to join a hostile alliance, and because you're a brat. Brock left because he was butt-hurt that the majority vote was in favor of our war flag.
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