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  1. Personally I voted for leaving cos the game is awful these days. You may see us again on stranger shores. Watch out for our banners in other games.
  2. The first part of the thread is one half of this war posting about how they're going to wreck the other half. The second part is that same group posting excuses as to why they didn't.
  3. "Everyone worse than me at a game is a retarded noob, everyone better than me is a no lifer nerd" -every salty little !@#$ ever.
  4. I logged in like twice a month before this war kicked off. The game is shit. Don't confuse P&W inactivity for Mensa inactivity. We will always be around when needed.
  5. Just posting to point out that unlike some people I don't need to make second/fake accounts and if I wanted to call Roz a waste of oxygen I would. PS this game is really boring
  6. I can't believe how biased this game is against anyone with a brain. It's like using the mechanics is punished every time. Thinking of new ways to get the upper hand is literally the only interesting thing left to do in this game. It'll never grow if you keep on with this garbage, in fact it'll have the opposite effect.
  7. Dear all, I thought I'd do a new series of articles/threads consisting of text interviews with various people involved in the community in some sort of leadership position. Politics in this game is notoriously murky and for those who are cannon fodder in the many top alliances, leaders (both allies and enemies) can be just names. I hope to change that by speaking with those leaders and publishing the interviews here on the OWF. As I don't know that many people on a personal basis, I decided to start with a guy I've spoken to before, both here on the OWF and on the glorious MENSA boards. Durmij is a lifetime Rose member and current leader (or Shogun) of the alliance. He kindly agreed to speak with me last week, and after some back and forth and some commotion in the real life USA (did something happen?) we have finally got it together. I hope you enjoy, and remember all credit to Durmij since he wrote most of the actual article. Interview Good evening Durmij, thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions for me. The format I follow is very much question-answer and is open ended, so your answers can be as long or short as you need them to be. I don’t usually do follow up questions, so if something seems to obviously follow, feel free to run with it. Background I’ll start with the obvious question - who is Durmij? Obviously I respect people’s privacy but could you tell me a little about the man behind the mask? Well, let's start with the basics. I’m a 26 year old white Canadian dude. I’m obviously a nerd if I’m playing P&W, my biggest weakness being vinyl collecting and weird music in general. I work a warehouse job after failing out of post secondary for personal reasons. I’m a bit of an introvert, having a small group of close friends. What brought you to P&W? I read the name of the game off of a league of legends friend, started playing and haven’t looked back. Despite some clear deficiencies, this is a pretty fantastic game for the small team and limited concept. Was Rose your first alliance? What attracted you about Rose? Rose is my first and only alliance. I fell in love with the charter and then the community. I like the idea of a community first, score second alliance, for better or worse. What was your most memorable experience as a new player in the game? It’s actually one of my proudest PnW moments. Some people might remember a particular shitty alliance called Odd Squad, run by 2 idiots named Ansom and Katerina. They signed a treaty with an alliance called Evenstar, and in that thread, Kat stated that she wanted to force an alliance called League of Nations to disband. I reached out to the leader, Lord Charlie, and got some Rose intervention to keep them afloat. Unfortunately, Kat was relentless and kept going back for Charlie. After they disbanded, Ansom and Kat put up a thread bemoaning the fact that people saw them as bullies, and I was having none of it. I collected thread posts and private messages and delivered one of the most definitive dressing downs the forums have ever seen. It was forum journalism at it’s finest. Nostalgia-fest What was your favourite war so far? NPO’s first time, just based off of personal war performance. I attacked 2 people in the blitz, but there was no coverage for me, so my forces were quickly crushed. In spite of this, I was able double buy then raid valakis for enough loot to destroy partisans nuke. And I did this twice, both times from a phone. Felt pretty proud of myself for making the best of my bad situation. What do you think constitutes “victory†in a war? Accomplishing the objective you set out at the beginning of the war. Damage, resources spent, political ramifications, these are all just elements of your overall war performance. If you accomplish your objective and your alliance leaves war in worse shape than it went in as, you are awful at war planning. How do you think Rose performed in the last war? Was it a war that Rose was ready for or wanted? It was an overly ambitious plan based on a mentality that most of Rose was sick of. Despite a fair amount of blitz participation for the short notice, it was clear that the plan was not going to pan out. The Silent War is easily Rose’s lowest point in history. Do you personally think it is more important to protect your allies or keep your members safe from damage? It’s not as simple as one on the other, but generalizing, protecting your allies is more important. If your word is shit, your alliance will fall apart and no one will be sad for it’s passing. About Rose Can you tell us a little about how Rose is organised and how the hierarchy works? It’s a bit in the air as we are going through a charter rewrite, but at the moment, the Shogun has absolute authority over most matters. Daimyo have their delegated areas that they have the authority to acting in if it is in service of the Shogun’s over arching plan, but can still be overruled. The Empress has the power to overrule Daimyo if they aren’t under explicit orders, but can herself be overruled. The Regents only power comes in executing the overthrow of a Shogun if they overstep their office. All of this is just theoretical, in practice we are much more consensus based. What made you decide to take the leap and become more involved in Rose than just a member? I wanted to get back to the spirit of the charter and move away from the “Hegemony/Bloc/Sphere†based FA strategy that I consider toxic to the game. Did you always harbour an ambition to become leader or was it “thrust upon youâ€? Is there much competition in the elections for Emperor? It was always in the back of my mind, but I was patient and content with our leadership. Most elections are landslides, but this past one was very close between Lilac and I. Since only the Emperor/Shogun is elected in Rose, what happens if one of your other senior officials is unpopular with the rank and file, or they steal money? Is the responsibility for them with the elected leader? They always have to answer to the other Daimyo and the Shogun/Empress. There are processes for removing them if they are unwilling to step down, but fortunately it hasn’t come to that yet. Present day What do you think the main challenges are facing Rose as an alliance? What big changes would you like to see within Rose? Our biggest challenge is cleaning up our internals and driving activity. Stagnation was a serious problem before my election and it isn’t fully eradicated yet. How about big changes in the game itself? Actually implement some of the better player suggestions. The Mensa-Rose alliance surprised a lot of people. Can you tell me what led Rose to consider this as an option considering past animosity? Despite being on the opposite side of many wars, Rose and Mensa had a fair few personal connections. I quite like many intelligentsia on personal levels. So when Keegoz stepped down, the treaty just sort of evolved out of those relationships. Which is how I believe treaties should be formed and maintained. Do you think that Rose would be open to signing further MDPs within the broad sphere that Mensa occupies, or is this the only one planned for now? I have no FA plans outside of the next 5 minutes lol. I prefer to let things develop naturally, because you get treaties with actual relations to back them up, rather than coldly calculated paper designed to [email protected]#$ over other people. Silly questions You post fairly regularly in the Social Hub section of the OWF, mostly representing a liberal/left wing position. Do you think there is a correlation between real life political leanings and alliance membership? It is often commented that Mensa is (mostly) an alliance of pragmatic centrists in both P&W and the real world. I’m a full anarcho-communist, anti-oppressive feminist who is fully aware that most of the people shares his politics with make it inaccessible and completely devoid of humour and compromise. I don’t think there is too much correlation between RL politics and alliance membership, otherwise all of these Communist themed alliances wouldn’t be utter [email protected]#$ trash. There may be soft trends, but Rose, for example, harbours a pretty diverse group of political opinions. Mensa is a fairly calming effect on an “Other Forum†that is full of the alt right and fascist, so that’s always nice. What’s your favourite colour? Burgundy, it’s a gay red. If you could visit any country in the real world, what would it be? Sweden. I plan to emigrate there eventually; I’m pretty smitten with the culture and it strikes me as the country that is probably best equipped to deal with the issues the next 50 years will bring. Beachbunny or Jessica Rabbit? (dangerous question!) /me sweats profusely No comment? Please don’t make me choose, I don’t want to get rolled again so soon. ...Jessica Rabbit /me runs for his life.
  8. "My candidate lost by 1%, welp, time to go shoot everyone" - nobody ever
  9. Let's not get scientific Rahl. You'm scientemists can't know everythang
  10. Wait, so what you're saying is Donald Trump is a hairbrained moron who will say whatever is in his best interests at any given time? Who'd have thunk it?` (hair pun intentional)
  11. Christians didn't pass it, liberal leadership in the West passed it. They still act against a majority of rednecks who would happily go back to gunning down anyone who breaks the law or looks a bit different to them. As I said earlier, the alt-right are (ideologically at least) the counterparts of radical islamists.
  12. Yeh us people with jobs and college educations thinking we know anything. Instead of reading publications with genuine cited research we should sit at home in our mom's basement reading blogs and masturbating to pictures of my little pony. Your "obvious contradictions" are so pathetic that I feel like it's hardly worth bothering with. But since you have pointed it out: 1. "Those violent refugees are not representative of all Muslims. It is a religion of PEACE, I swear! If you be more tolerant and welcoming, maybe they will stop raping your women and shitting on your streets." You make a false argument here. You argue that refugees are violent, therefore Islam is violent. This does not follow as not all refugees are muslim. In fact not all refugees are Muslim. Those who are, mainly come from Syria, which historically was one of the most secular states in the Levant. In addition, extrapolating the actions of a minority onto a majority is not fair or sensible. For example, the USA has a murder rate of about 4 per hundred thousand and about 1% of the population is in prison. I don't judge that all Americans are violent criminals however. Less than 1% of migrants have committed a crime since arriving in Europe. Are Americans more dangerous than migrants? You're taking anecdotal hearsay and projecting it onto an entire group. This isn't intelligent or sensible. 2. Muslims throw gay people off buildings and treat women as pets So do Christians, in parts of the world. Hamas love throwing people off the top of buildings, it's true. I wouldn't project the actions of terrorist organisations on over a billion others. I know plenty of muslims who spend their time doing normal things like anyone else. They get on with their lives, have jobs, boy/girlfriends, catch the bus, go to the cinema, get a starbucks, get pizza, do all the normal things anyone does. They don't abuse women or throw gays off buildings. However you're right that some muslims do these things. So do some Christians, some Jews, some Hindus, some atheists, some people in general. What is stupid is to extrapolate that all muslims are doing this. That is nothing more than barely veiled prejudices. 3. Islam is a religion; not a race This is the same argument used to promote anti-semitism. Islam isn't a race, it's true. It's a religion. And if you criticise Islam you are completely good, I have no problem with that and neither should anyone else. When you however suggest that all muslims are woman-raping terrorists who throw queers of buildings, you are not being critical of a religion. You are making generalisations about a group of people and it is racism by proxy. It is an attack on them as migrants, not a criticism of their religious beliefs, of which most critics remain mostly ignorant. Btw gleaming vs gleaning isn't a typo, you just didn't know how to spell it. I pointed it out because another sign of the pseudo-intellectual bull the alt-right love to produce is that they try to sound smarter than they are by upping their vocab.
  13. It's gleaned by the way. I'm not sure what gleamed is supposed to mean. You're just another person who has read a few edgy blog posts and thinks that everyone in the world is a moron who is undermining society with their liberal PC ideas. In reality, you're the same sort of nutter who, if he were born a muslim, would be waving a black flag and calling for jihad. Unable to relate to others, tribalistic, uneducated and getting their information from an internet echo chamber of peers who reinforce their views.
  14. >triggered Another tell tale sign that someone spends too much time in front of a computer.
  15. Yeh man, you're such a cuck lol. Like, you think people aren't terrorists you cuck. I bet you like, would let your children date brown people you cuck. Pretty easy to spot the NEET, 4chan/pol/ loving basement dweller from a mile off. You're so edgy you probably cut yourself. Protip, suggesting people who have a different opinion to you also have weird sexual perversions isn't a good way to make a credible argument. It would be like me responding by suggesting that you are right wing and also enjoy fisting yourself with a giant lubed up doll of Ayn Rand. I mean, that would be ludicrous right? So drop the cuck nonsense.
  16. Here come the basement dwelling muslim haters
  17. Browser games like this can grow massively. Firstly you need a good game. Secondly you need a real reason for people to fund mass recruitment (or fund it yourself). We fall on both hurdles at the minute.
  18. Should try converting to Dioism. It helps.
  19. http://uk.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-tells-rally-crowd-to-vote-on-november-28-2016-10?r=US&IR=T
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