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  1. I've been saying it since page 1. Was hesitant when I saw we signed them originally, and now proves my point. You can't rely on opportunists to be a worthy ally
  2. you quit on your allies before the first round had ever ended. you might not have surrendered, but you left them on the battlefield to avoid further damage to yourselves
  3. Jesus...how many VE treaties is that this week?
  4. Towards the beginning of Orbis we were...then someone gave Tenny a maester....
  5. HTC One A9 here and have had no problems all day. Which device/app are you using?
  6. echoing the sentiment that beiged nations should be protected from all spy ops other than Gather Intelligence. Otherwise you're just making a broken nation have even less of a chance to fight back (besides wasn't this always the rule?)
  7. As someone who's known LPS for years, believe me when I say he is a hard mofo to get ahold of lol. He's always got different projects going on outside of Orbis...though can't say I'm not jealous of missing the chance to hit him
  8. Better make sure they brought all the valyrian steel they could, Lucky. That shits expensive
  9. can't say I'm not surprised with treaties and all that jazz, but moe surprised that multiple allies apparently called on you when they have a 5:1 advantage on membership (and therefor updeclares for war slot filling already)
  10. Hey sheepy, Looks like there's no redirect OT anything after you use the fortification Military Action. Even though a Lil blurb pops up, it looks like it hasn't gone into effect unless you back out and go back into the option. Adding that yellow box of text instantly after clicking, or forcing a redirect to the war screen after use would prevent double fortifications occurring
  11. Jon Snow

    tTO Acts

    Now I'm curious, but wary, to find out WTF that is
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