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    Look, Listen, and Learn: A TKR Joint

    alexander skarsgård is such a babe
  2. Katie

    The morality behind abortion

    ok apparently the forums notify you about being quoted now o @buck a woman posted that in a reddit thread, it's not my story. i'll find the post later today. i don't have any children! i am sorry about what you and your wife went through, but happy for you that you have two children now (children who are very lucky to be loved and wanted by their parents)! baby/kid pics?
  3. Katie

    The morality behind abortion

    i read the first page & don't intend to read further, nor will i respond again after this, because unless you're capable of carrying a fetus and giving birth, i don't care about your opinion on the topic and never will. i'm just going to address a few things that were mentioned. 1. women don't just decide to have late term abortions because they decided they don't want a child. at this point in pregnancy, women have chosen to give birth and have become emotionally attached. women have late term abortions because the fetus has a serious abnormality or because giving birth will risk their life. it is a devastating decision to have to make. making women have to jump through hoops to have a late term abortions is incredibly cruel. 2. adoption isn't a reasonable alternative, because: a. not all babies get adopted, and less infants in the system = more older children get adopted b. pregnancy is very difficult on the woman's body. it causes permanent changes. postpartum depression can be very severe. giving birth can cause tears that cause severe pain for months and years. here's a story!: "No one- absolutely no one told me before my pregnancy that my birth could end up being a diabolic experience with fourth degree tears, my flesh being cut from anus to vaginal hole, that we would need the assistance of a vacuum. That I could end up having multiple surgeries trying to give back my ability to hold my feces, that it would take 14 months for to be able to have sex with my husband again and even after that the sex would never be the same. I have suffered from horrible PPD and the feeling that my sex life and body had been robbed from me made me really angry, sad and bitter for a long time. My marriage has suffered from the fact that I couldn't have intimate connection with my husband." 3. the "people should take responsibility for their actions" argument is absolutely absurd. you're arguing that carrying a fetus and potentially have to raise a child for 18 years should be a punishment. why would you want someone to bring an unwanted child into the world? or a child that a parent can't afford? it doesn't just "punish" the mother, it punishes the child. that's ridiculous. find a better argument. and no, just give the child up for adoption isn't a valid response (see #2). bye
  4. hdu they're appropriating uteri for the purposes of nationalism and the patriarchy and stuff
  5. is the ironborn flag supposed to resemble ovaries and a uterus
  6. no. of these git gud is the least bad but it's still not good
  7. Katie

    Sexy poll

    none of the above
  8. Katie

    Goodbye from Greatnate

    the real world is a scary place........... take care dude
  9. Katie

    Sane v Insane Alliances

    knights templar is not sane.... smh
  10. Katie

    I was forced to do this...

    is everyone who plays p&w 13
  11. Katie

    I was forced to do this...

    you're the worst stop posting
  12. Katie

    Civil War?

    u sure about that?
  13. Katie

    Les Paul Crunchwrap Supreme v Zeebruhh

    this is why no one likes boys
  14. Katie

    whats your favorite Les Paul Supreme moment?

    "Vacation Mode is not intended as a tool to use to avoid wars, and it is not a 'peace mode'."
  15. Katie

    Les Paul Crunchwrap Supreme v Zeebruhh

    i already have one p.s. i'll !@#$ing destroy you you little !@#$
  16. Katie

    Remove No Discussion Rule

    ia. pls allow constructive, on topic discussion. e.g. presenting arguments but not necessarily comments like "ya i agree" lmao are u ok?? do u need a hug?? some chocolate??
  17. Katie

    Les Paul Crunchwrap Supreme v Zeebruhh

    who r u
  18. Katie

    Fraggle Rock Orbis Wide Fund Raiser

    i'll pledge 1 mil :}
  19. Katie

    whats your favorite Les Paul Supreme moment?

    when you call joke posts like "les paul supreme best fighter" "abuse" you're belittling actual abuse. stop. pls find a post in which i made fun of you prior to your deletion (you won't because there isn't one) #surejan bye!!!! "Forum accounts posting with no matching nation will be banned."
  20. Katie

    Something Something

  21. Katie

    Les Paul Crunchwrap Supreme v Zeebruhh

    smh you are bad and this is a bad opinion T B H

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