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  1. PnW keeps track of the peak infra in a city, you can see that on the api, but does nothing with it
  2. I suggest we use this new feature to calculate day change. Clearly the game servers aren't up to the task, so if every player calculate their own nation turn changes as a captcha problem we could have an even faster game!
  3. You wont produce, you won't get taxed, you won't get wars declared.
  4. Those seem to be all from Mahou Shoujo
  5. I believe nukes should be able to choose to target military improvements specifically to give them some kind of depth instead of being the once every day one click attack they are, and buff improvement damage. That said, maybe air superiority could intercept nukes and missiles.
  6. The glitch is real https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=777911
  7. It is a problem on your part if you're logged out every turn, I'm sorry But your idea is not garbage, captchas could be triggered only once a turn or every few minutes, this is not hard to do. But then joins the problem of predictability and they become useless.
  8. No, as you see in the last 3 logs the values didn't change much (save from color bonus, which changed the gross income a little), that is because I didn't make any changes in my nation. I'm also not the only one whose gross income and gross expenses look off, I asked for some people to send me their revenue and they are off as well. I couldn't find out what was wrong with the gross expenses calculation, but the gross income was (0.0135 * Commerce + 0.81456)*Population instead of the (0.0145 * Commerce + 0.725)*Population that it should be according to the revenue page and wiki.
  9. The revenue log (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/revenue/log/) shows the amount your nation earn per turn, however that is not in accordance to the calculated values of the revenue page (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/revenue/). It looks like the revenue log shows the correct values nations earn, but the revenue page is the one in accordance to ingame descriptions and wiki formulas.
  10. If you go to the Create a City page (https://politicsandwar.com/city/create/) you'll se a timer that is 1 turn off. When the timer reaches 1 the city can be built. This timer is 1 turn more than the project and API timers, that are correct. Looks like it has been fixed in the past days, please close this topic
  11. Alright, I lost this one...
  12. Can't deny that Arrgh is top 1 and 2 on casualties Top 1, 2 and 10 on tanks lost Top 1, 3 and 9 on aircraft lost Top 1, 2, 4 and 7 on ships lost
  14. When I get a son, I'll show him this post, then I'll tell him how commies can stay for so long chatting about the same thing when they know that what they're defending is just alot of genocide stuff.
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