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  1. Yeah, leader just told me to edit out this part.
  2. And to anyone inquiring, yes I did create my own alliance not too long ago, but that merged with TRS before the NAP ended so we would be better of on defense.
  3. The Declaration On this twenty-third of April, two-thousand twenty-one, we, the nations of Schlecht, Catania-Prussia and the Neues Mittelsreich hereby publish and declare our existence and state these goals: To defend each other to victory or death To provide a firm base for new members to grow and flourish To provide an environment where all contributions, big or small, are recognized and appreciated To prove the point that just because you are small does not mean you can’t do big things Notes from the Leadership Our community is primarily made up of smaller nations, therefore we make our community very open to small nations, even C1s. We have a semi-operational grant system, with the full system opening up once we receive more funds, and will help any nation who is in need of a home. While not optional, taxes are very low compared to many other large alliances in Orbis. We are officially protected by The Order, and any attacks by anyone will be countered with all due haste and strength by us and/or The Order. Currently we are not up for defensive alliances, but embassies are more than welcomed. We look forward to venturing far into the world of Orbis. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=8402 Original document authored by Kaiser Jayren Gallec of Catania-Prussia, edited by Chancellor Bad of Schlecht
  4. At this point, it’s just me. I may have a friend joining later. But, what would you propose?
  5. Today, on the 6th of April, 2021, under the leadership of President Jayren Gallec, the United Vanguard Confederation hereby declared itself a sovereign and independent alliance. As of right now, we have a pending Protectorate treaty with The Armed Peacekeepers. I am looking for players with experience to enter the ranks of the UVC Executive Council, the ruling body of the Confederation. Discord link is in the description, so you can tell me what position you want to apply for.
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