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  1. If I am not mistaken Swamp and Hedge signed a temporary ODoAP close to The Ten Day War and when Hedge and Swamp oAed in together it was by an actual treaty.
  2. I remember a lot of whining about Rose from both sides of former Quack. I guess they aren't as bad if you need their help in a war. separate from above: You could always have O Levels connecting spheres. People are so concerned with keeping it visually separate on the web but then they still oA in with blocs and alliances not treatied to them or they go in defense of someone. I dont really call it secret treaty per se, but it would be nice if people made their allies a little more visible. Cant call someone a hegemony cuz they have a lot of visible treaties then conjoin multiple blocs with no ties to fight this "hegemony".
  3. we droppin near school(for my pubg mobile guys)
  4. Ghost Busting or along those lines due to ghosting claims *The Ghost Bust Paranormal Activities
  5. or we could all start being transparent with treaties and stop caring so much about the aesthetics of having seperate spheres on the treaty web. i swear nobody would care about intersphere treaties if it weren't for the visual treaty web. Instead of just getting past a simple stupid aesthetic we keep having unknown alliances.
  6. When are we reforming TKBO?
  7. Now what we gotta do is get an alliance called Aunt Jemima to declare war so we have chicken, waffles and the syrup all together
  8. nelo i just realized i cant read
  9. What did getting salty over a meaningless sentence add to the discussion or game? Candice thought it was a good point
  10. you dont know me. i am joking a majority of the time. its a game after all
  11. we have a channel that alerts us when father benfro posts so we can all go upvote it. yall dont have one for father tyrion?
  12. I ratted on stuff like this long before I was in TKR actually.
  13. Wow! Y’all can take on a micro much smaller than your alliance? That’s gotta take a lot of courage and skill!
  14. Duh. It’s common sense. Racism isn’t healthy anywhere
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