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  1. I think each objective gave them like 50-100k? There was an objective that costed required 200 munitions to complete (buy 200 munitions), and getting 100k from it was simply not worth it. I think in total maybe around a million, which isn't much. If your members need cash then maybe send a couple million so they can start raiding and make money by themselves around 4 cities.
  2. Never played Cybernations, but the random event idea seems really cool! And tbh HOI4 is a hours long game that revolves around making your country strong and ready for war in a few years, whilst P&W is a more long term game with not as much mechanics. So why not implement some mechanics from HOI4 into the game to give it more flavor and actually make people manage their nation, instead of AFKing?
  3. One of the things that the advertisement for the game or one of the promises the game offers is "decisions" to run your country. Unfortunately though, this is not depth and the game doesn't really feel like a nation simulator, it feels more like a shallow game that you click buttons and wait to collect money. I remember when there was a time in which I found it very fun to complete the objectives and get money doing so. It was fun because there was an actual roleplay and goal aspect behind that that made you feel like you were actually running a country, but after that the game is mostly about chatting in an alliance on discord and playing the waiting game. Some decisions that can be added include political decisions that will allow you interact more with your citizenry and make it feel like a nation simulator again. The "approval rating" mechanic that is currently used as a flavortext should be added into the game, giving you various buffs (if above 50 percent), and debuffs (if below 50 percent), depending on the political actions you take. The approval rating could be converted into something called "stability", which measures how content your people are with you. Doing temporary decisions like "improved worker conditions(leads to -5 percent money but say +0.1 percent stability per turn for 120 turns) ", or "increased worker pay" (+5 percent expenses but +0.1 percent stability per turn for 120 turns), and "promises of peace (+5 percent military upkeep +0.05 percent stability per turn for 120 turns) Alternatively, decisions like decreasing worker pay will do the opposite and having worse worker conditions will increase money and decrease stability. Another cool thing that could be added is economic or even more political decisions. Economic decisions could include the type of economy, such as war economy, or civilian economy. War economy could give you an additional -30 percent military upkeep on top of imperialism and +10 percent manufacturing production, but also give you a -10 percent income debuff on money and a +10 percent infrastructure/land cost. Civilian economy could give you a -10 percent infrastructure/land cost, and +10 percent income, but a +30 percent military upkeep and +30 percent military cost to build. Like the current domestic policies, there should be a timer, of maybe 10 days or so in order to get switch the economies. Additional political decisions could include "party popularity", in which you can boost the amount of support for your party through election campaigns (if democratic), or by purging political opponents (if authoritarian). Conscription and manpower can also be added if possible, and it could be based on percentage of population (by default 1 percent), and increasing conscription laws increases amount of manpower but also decreases production by 10 percent each conscription law you one up. Every time a troop/tank/plane dies your manpower goes down from the manpower pool. Anyways, I do not expect the last part to get added because there will require a bit of work for the additional "political decisions". However, adding the "stability" and war economy/civilian economy would make the game greatly more enjoyable so there are actual aspects to running your country, instead of just clicking the "buy" and "sell" button on trade or buying resource. So what did you think about my idea? Please share what you think in the comments and thanks for reading!
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