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  1. For what it's worth, Zephyr's reply captures the essence of what I'm after with this feature suggestion: The suggestion is simply to extend some of the existing automation already available into a new feature that further reduces the tediousness of managing builds and war policy to make preparation for war (or peace) easier. I like the DEFCON approach because 1) I think it's kind of fun to be able to see how individuals and alliances are posturing themselves, and 2) having played CN for a while, it seemed like one of the more logical ways to implement a feature like this.
  2. Initial thought and sure there are plenty of holes to poke in this... Introduce configurable DECON levels: 1 though 5 Why? 1. Streamline switching between peace build and war build 2. Would make the game more mobile friendly. Plain and simple, it's a pain in the butt to adjust wartime configuration on a mobile phone. For example, war is declared on a user. Having pre-configured their DEFCON levels, user goes into Edit Nation to adjust DEFCON rather than going in and either manually making adjustments to each improvement in each city, or doing import/export functions via the
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