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  1. This. A much better idea is just to have a nuclear policy agreed between alliances. A treaty. From there, if members or the alliance were to not follow the treaty even when they signed it, they would be dealt with. Leave the members who have a lot of nukes to the alliance its self, not some out of alliance body that cant really uphold what it stays.
  2. Theres a difference between fighting with honor then fighting a suicide bomber with a spork. He gets his "Yea I did damage. Im cool. Everyone will know me" Feeling only because you are allowing him to do it.
  3. You go girl. Infra bomb the suicidal, game quitting, joker! Ya!!
  4. The barracks description as well as the military over you page where you can see all your cap and how many you have on stack is displaying the incorrect number for soldiers. Its 80 per barracks per turn, but you have it as 100 per barracks per turn. :C
  5. Didnt have it, I asked for it. You stated you despawned it. Yada yada, you !@#$ed up.
  6. Are you really going to ask that after you despawned 2k+ fuel. Dont be a dick and i wont burn your house, or whatever you want to call it, down.
  7. Hail Doom. v: The most neutral !@#$ on Rust.
  8. Things are gonna get fun. More and more of the world will burn. People will die. Blood will spill.
  9. No no. It will be good. I mean. Good for one of us. Let your government know they should work there image a little more. :3 Also, cause im nice, just roll over. Dont even try to fight back. We know your alliance wont last long.
  10. No no we gave you a choice. Your government decided for you behind close doors. Great government there. Not thinking whats best for them, or even understanding what a MDP is.
  11. Also, Im not sure if sketchy posted it or not, but I have clear proof that Zayden stated he will think about stopping the attacks on NAC and talk to the rest of his government. He had a choice to pick BoC or Rose and at that time, he picked BoC. At that point, he was an enemy and everything connected to us and SD was terminated.
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