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  1. Caboose

    Shifty News Network-Poach me like one of your French girls

    I just to make things clear, I AM NOT TRYING to poach ANYBODY from ANYWHERE. The bot I use grabs nations made between cycles and messages them, regardless of applying to an alliance.
  2. Caboose

    We are The Meta... sorta

    I would've had it but someone already had the name with a "d" apparently
  3. Caboose

    We are The Meta... sorta

    You ever wonder why we're here? Well the members of Sunray 1-1 know why, and its to drink orange juice and eat cookies! Just kidding, it's to become the best of the best and have a good time. Admirals: Caboose, Michael K. Ultra, and The Man of Shadows Rear-Admirals: Rear-Admiral of Foreign Affairs: Bill Rice Rear-Admiral of Internal Affairs: Lehbar Torus Rear-Admiral of Econ: Simmons Rear-Admiral of Military: Sarge Protected by Pantheon Alliance link: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5022 Discord link: https://discord.gg/jY8wVh9
  4. Caboose

    Join Black Knights!

    BK is super helpful, noob friendly, and an all around amazing alliance. I'd recommend joining if you want an easy way to learn how to play and earn amazing benefits.

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