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  2. Heh, I suspect that what was true for most of us at the start of the war changed considerably throughout the war itself as it spiralled out of control. A change in narrative doesn't overly surprise me since very few of us finished the war in a similar situation to the one we started the war in.
  3. The most logical thing I see here is to just remove anyone mentioning skin colour. Problem solved. Otherwise there is always going to be a lot of a grey area in regards to these matters and it's pretty hard to appease both sides.
  4. But that's not precisely what's going on here, is it? The issue here is that in a single thread Camelot are apologising. Then they were trying to play themselves off as another victim of IQ. Then in the next breath giving the distinct impression that they are not sorry at all, but just looking to be let off the hook. Consistency isn't really a special demand.
  5. Unfortunately not, but we can’t all achieve our dreams. Also congrats us 🥳
  6. I presume you don't know this, but the likes of Partisan, Chaunce, Wana, Avakael and Critters along with whoever else from the Old Guard is left will remember that the Syndicate was originally founded in this realm in order to escape exactly this type of argument being used against them in the other realm by alliances who refused to accept any and all efforts at apologies made by the entire alliance (MI6) on behalf of certain extreme gov members (Chim). Not totally relevant but just something which came to mind. At the end of the day, you can either accept an apology and move on, or you don't. But adding conditions to apologies and insisting on special demands and wording renders the entire point of an honest apology being a moot point imo.
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  8. Oh sure, I attacked you while I was still in Fark, and you wouldnt wake up for it. But now you do. I see how it is. I SEE HOW IT IS, APEMAN. I THOUGHT WE WERE COOL
  9. Forum account: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/7159-nexa/ Leader name: Yarr Pretty obvious one.
  10. One upvote please and a cola. Also welcome
  11. Duh. Will wait you to report me. For that we would need different post so we dont derail it. Discussion is about someone making a JOKE and someone running here to report that.
  12. You literally haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about and you're clearly only here to cause a problem.
  13. Can we change our bloc name to F1? Seems like a cool name for a month or so.
  14. Your forum account name isn't the same as your leader name, you might want to change that.
  15. I wouldnt mind lmao. And def wouldnt come to forum reporting it. Edit: Also i need to do forum posts before embargoing? You just reported guy for making a joke.
  16. So, could one potentially embargo saying, "That's mighty black of you"? Or would that be frowned upon?
  17. I've heard of people not being able to tell the time, but not what order things happened in. You embargoed him long before you said you were going to, ffs I embargoed you before you said you were embargoing him.
  18. Aah... Now there is the kind & humored community I remember
  19. Attending the important discussions with the Union of Durotar and representing Britannia would be C.C. As an expect of Britannia's diplomacy of handling multiple foreing nations in the past she would be given the task of discussing a peaceful end to tensions in the Americas. As the guides prepare the arrival of C.C it wouldn't be too long of a visit, as she preferred to have the job done. Though, hearing that residence would be provided, some time would be spared to enjoy her time in the Union of Durotar.
  20. For years the the people of Folgrath have been keeping low. Trading with pirates, travelers, & those who come to our lands. We told them for the trades we give, silents you must be to never tell of these lands. We told them this in fear of the bigger nations of taking what was ours. It happened once with the Kingdom of Sweden. We were nice but treated like scum by those monarchists. Forced into slavery for the royal family especially the native High Dark elves . After their fall, a group of the High Dark elves promised prosperity with want they left behind & the lush abundance of resources the monarchist added to the lands after slash & burn farming with crop rotation was used to grow their food. Those elves that stepped up were known as the Kromwell brood. They were the elves that worked under the royal family which treated them the worst. The brood apparently have been watching the royal familys interactions with there government & taking notes. After 2 months of following there ideas we struck iron in our mountains, & a lot of it. Around 6 months the two elves that were deemed leaders, Cadiey & Hochuwa Kromwell announced that there eldest son will becoming unto age soon & shall he lead the country onward because they did not want to lead no more but go back to being farmers. His name was Firwof. Plus they had a third child on the way which they wanted to give there full attention since the freedom of the lands. After four years of reconstruction, mining, manufacturing, military upkeep, & black market trading 13 more cities were built up with the ever growing population which is around 2.3 million Folishes as of today. Iron & agriculture have truly flourshed proving worth in multiple industries. Firwof had created a whole government board with around 20 departments that work hand in hand to establish polices to follow, a share the wealth economy, well funded military-police, hospitals, & other assets. No one truly knew what there supposed King had been up to during his down time cus he had has some changes. Some say he ventured into the depths of Hell by a hellfire ritual & found the domian of sins which he found the crown of pride, one of the seven crowns to be found in the domain, as well his trenchcoat that funneled a mysterious aura. It looms that it gifted him arcane powers beyond what even most veteran angels possess exempt a more demonic. SInce the changes, he devoted himself to having Folgrath be a self sufficent nation with a military that protects & defends all who are in need. After watching the other nations in silence, he decided it was about time to reveal what we hand made & found to the rest of the world. *Seal of Firwof* *Crest of Folgrath*
  21. How did you manage to get triggered by a joke? Brb embargoing you.
  22. I see the fact that you did not lock the thread, as is customary when you make a ruling, to suggest that you wanted to have said discussion here, despite the general rules of this subforum. Sorry if I am wrong. 'That's mighty white of you,' read any way you want, is racism. It implies that Wilson does x thing, which Buck believes is undesireable, because he is white: therefore implying that a bad thing, in Buck's eyes, is associated with color.
  23. You'd think my quite regular comments about access issues would have given that away.
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