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Jacob Knox

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15 hours ago, Jacob Knox said:

Thanks to everyone else on the Design, QA, API, and Mod teams for doing your part in making PnW better. If there's anyone else you'd like to specifically thank for their contributions to the community, feel free to do so here. ❤️

I believe that P&W is a game is a social game as well as a war game, and in either case you need to keep in touch with the community and be aware of the general community, so I'd like to make a general shout-out to the many people who go the extra mile in the game as writers, reporters, show hosts and the like.  I'm sure everyone has their own interests depending on if they're in a macro or a micro, if they prefer dry news or gossip, if they want to know game history or instead a sneak peek at what's coming down the pike, but there are news discords and podcasts for everyone.  

So whether you enjoy listening to  @Thalmor or @Lysander, @BigMorf and the others podcasts and shows, or you enjoy looking at Micro Minute, RON, VGM, LSN (they deal mostly in micros and nanos), I hope you agree that these people provide news and entertainment that makes PnW a better place.


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Yes, the whole PnW team gets a lot of garbage for their actions. And on occasion it's warranted, haha. Idk what they'd expect considering it's a politics-based game, so naturally there's lots of confrontation. But many in the community are grateful for the work you do, and for the entertainment you provide when your work goes horribly wrong.

We love you - and hope you realize we're laughing with you, not at you 😉

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Peace in our time

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