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And because I probably should not have forgotten,

I'd like to thank everyone in CoTL- I'm very proud of what we created there this year. We took the shattered remnants of Soup, Akuryo's bankrupt micro, Acadia, a few other micros and a leadership crew who mostly joined up for the memes, and turned it into an alliance that can both dish out and take one heck of a punch. I wish you all nothing but continued success.

I'd also like to thank t$ for being home for 3-4 years (timing on when I first joined exactly and when I was at Hogwarts instead is fuzzy). I didn't get along with everyone all the time, and I wish I'd left under less frustrating circumstances, but y'all were probably the strongest alliance I've ever been in in either here or the last game, and as I've played these games for well over a decade, that's saying something. I don't even need to wish you success; you will inevitably find it.

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