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$yndicate treaty cancellation

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3 hours ago, Charles the Tyrant said:

If someone breaks your mirror, do they receive 7 years of good luck for doing the world a favour?

Uh, if you break a mirror your just clean it up and buy a new one. There's no supernatural aspect to it.

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Recognizing that: - It's call to arms following the attacks by BK and its allies on the $yndicate went unanswered by the New Pacific Order - The New Pacific Order has engaged $yndicate allie

Congratulations to both parties.

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On 12/4/2019 at 5:30 PM, Shadowthrone said:

Oui he was high gov for a bit I think, before stepping aside and giving you the reins, that followed to IC. I was out by then but yeah fun times. Inst sending me IRC queries on updating sheets. 

The golden age of MK, crazy that it's 10 years ago!  I was sad when you left. :(

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3 hours ago, Azaghul said:

The golden age of MK, crazy that it's 10 years ago!  I was sad when you left. :(

It was indeed. I enjoyed MK immensely but I was 14? I was your usual 14 year old kid who couldn't stay in one place for long till much later. But I have to say post Karma MK for a while was by for one of the most fun alliances around till about 2011±. 

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15 minutes ago, ComradeMilton said:

Usually it's a terrible thing where crossing over between games is almost a hate-crime level offense.

As I recall, Emperor Marx said that ancient history should remain ancient history and left on the other planet? Do you disagree with his position?

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