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Pantheon pissed me off


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This nation does not exist. It was either deleted for inactivity, or the player controlling the nation deleted their account. Visit your nation, or go to the search page.


LOL you are coming for the with a nation that doesnt exist? wiw... that's pretty radical :)

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On 5/6/2019 at 2:14 PM, TheShadow said:

The slumber is over.
And pantheon has pissed me off. 
Be ready pantheon, i'm coming for the head

Yay, Shadow your back!!

Does this mean Epi will be attacking too??

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This post is being locked because the OP does not have a nation in-game.

If the OP creates a nation, they will need to contact one of the Forum Moderators or post in the Ban Appeals subforum to have their full forum account permissions restored.

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