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A new beginning

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A New Beginning

In the past few weeks, arguments, disagreements and resignations have damaged the core of Asgard. Like all great things, Ragnarok, has come to end. The great battle that raged between gods, men and beasts, has reached its final conclusion. The survivors, those spared by the apocalypse, face a challenge. Should we move forward into the future or cling to the past? We have decided that, however great, the past must remain in the past.

From amidst the ashes of the old gods arises a new alliance, a better alliance. Our magnificent empire, Ashenguard, we will reach heights untold, together.


“The ashen cloud rose high, towering

Our regal banner waving in the sky

Hail Ashenguard, to you we pledge our fealty

Amidst great strife, you were born

Forged in the flames of upheaval and war

May together we reach heights untold!”

~Excerpt from the anthem of Ashenguard



Note: All treaties from Ragnarok are carried over to Ashenguard.

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Scanning.... Scanning.... Scanning.....

The Foundation fights gods and beasts alike to protect humanity and we understand your plight. We are glad to see man prevail over the unknown once again.


End of transmission....

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1 hour ago, Roquentin said:

I'm disappointed in @Euphorical and @AddictedBoy for not pursuing a K-Pop retheme.

Oh they did... but Prussia prevailed by a grand total of 2 votes 😋

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From joining when RoK first formed and just being an advisor to Diomedes. For him to then convince me to take over Milcom, to then running FA and finally Co-leading. It's a shame to see the name go, as it's had some brilliant moments to be apart of and be an ally to. I wish you guys nothing but the best with your new identity and style.


O/ Ragnarok


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Good luck on your new start guys

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