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  1. Euphorical

    GodFury D.O.E.

    Congratulations! Love the artwork ❤️
  2. Euphorical

    Shifty News Network-Insider report from the globalist cabal

    Oh. When are we all gonna be merging with TKR?
  3. Euphorical

    City grant

    Once he joins your alliance, he will leave asap and when prompted to pay back his debt, he will send it to the wrong ppl.
  4. Euphorical

    DoO condemns The Royal Dragons, laughs

    Lame. Alex should srsly delete your nation.
  5. Euphorical

    Hey guys!

    Hello! I am Euphorical who is also playing Cybernations under the IRON alliance. Right now I'm in Black Knights in Politics and War. Have been enjoying this game as it is different from Cybernations and I would say it is less boring.

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