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  1. I only support a rollback to where the benefitting nations where at before 28 April or way before that if Alex finds incriminating evidence that NR had been generating resources way before 28 April albeit small amounts. You can't expect all the resources to be deleted - we can only make do with what is available. But you made it less available to Alex for deletion now. It should have been contained in NR's bank first. Ultimately Alex should also have froze NR's bank. Whatever, it only matters that sending the resources away to Fraggle doesn't help the community in any way I guess.
  2. No, my main concern is actually that you are trying to use potentially illegitimate resources for 'legitimate reasons', which does not make them legitimate. Besides, since you said these belong to TF, you are no different from those who stole their alliance bank.
  3. In any case, I agree with Seb that these resources should be deleted by Alex. You should have made them disappear from the face of Orbis if you really wanted to proclaim that you did something for the community.
  4. You said that those resources will be pooled towards a trading group. Now you say that it will be used for nukes. Make up your mind. Not all those resources (if you know what resources are required to make nukes) can be used to make nukes anyways.
  5. Wow, pooball is finally banned. I am really glad that the game is now liberated from such a toxic and petty person, not only did he cheat, he was also the greatest thorn of my alliance. Heck, he even had greater plans to build a monopoly in banking and financial services. I am absolutely relieved that everyone in this game will not be subjected to such future terror that pooball wanted to bring about.
  6. A precedent was set in 2015 which most current players agree that it was the right thing to do, yet Alex wants to set a new precedent where the offenders are not as heavily penalised as those in involved in 2015. Isn't this promoting and abetting potential cheaters to cheat? Alex believes that the community is able to police and punish the offenders. However we want the offenders to be dealt with punishments that only an admin can confer. Furthermore, what the community can only do is to make them a pariah and try to ZI their members. But wouldn't this be unfair to those who do not
  7. Congratulations! Love the artwork ❤️
  8. Once he joins your alliance, he will leave asap and when prompted to pay back his debt, he will send it to the wrong ppl.
  9. Hello! I am Euphorical who is also playing Cybernations under the IRON alliance. Right now I'm in Black Knights in Politics and War. Have been enjoying this game as it is different from Cybernations and I would say it is less boring.
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