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  1. Oh they did... but Prussia prevailed by a grand total of 2 votes ?
  2. A New Beginning In the past few weeks, arguments, disagreements and resignations have damaged the core of Asgard. Like all great things, Ragnarok, has come to end. The great battle that raged between gods, men and beasts, has reached its final conclusion. The survivors, those spared by the apocalypse, face a challenge. Should we move forward into the future or cling to the past? We have decided that, however great, the past must remain in the past. From amidst the ashes of the old gods arises a new alliance, a better alliance. Our magnificent empire, Ashenguard, we will reach heights untold, together. “The ashen cloud rose high, towering Our regal banner waving in the sky Hail Ashenguard, to you we pledge our fealty Amidst great strife, you were born Forged in the flames of upheaval and war May together we reach heights untold!” ~Excerpt from the anthem of Ashenguard Charter Note: All treaties from Ragnarok are carried over to Ashenguard.
  3. Great suggestion! How didn't I think of that?!
  4. I remember a game like that... players quitted en mass because an entire alliance could be sat on by a single behemoth and that happened more often than one would think.
  5. Irrelevant might not be the right word considering all this ruckus their poor handling of the situation has caused. Btw I was defending the mosquitos, not ODN.
  6. If you kill someone with a shotgun is the shotgun tried for murder or the one who used it, or even better is the bullet tried for murder since the bullet killed the person? The mosquito transmits the disease, without it, malaria and other such diseases would sit in a swamp in the middle of nowhere harming an unlucky few if anyone at all, it wouldn't be one of the worlds deadliest diseases.
  7. You can lose soldiers and tanks by attacking an enemy with no ground forces. I don't see why planes shouldn't be killed by ground forces and/or ships, especially when you consider that planes can attack everything.
  8. You know, banned was in Ragnarok and then RUM (Alexio's former alliance, now BC) just a few months ago, yet now he is at war with both, so i find it kind of hard to believe that you joined the war because banned cares for his former alliance, not saying it's impossible just hard to believe. Poor banned should have listened to Roq...
  9. Then why did you do it? Insanity could be an explanation but Horsemen also attacked us and you know what WiFi and Horsemen have in common? They are both NPO's protectorates and they are both on a suicide mission against Ragnarok. Now I'm not implying that NPO ordered you two to do so, but it certainly seems like they did something to get you into the war.
  10. Time to get our asses kicked... errr I meant IQ's ass, no difference, in the end, Arrgh will win as always.
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