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I want 5 stars on my profile and over 500 likes too, give them to me now!


I ain't being greedy right? :P


Maybe this adorable pic of Puss in Boots will convince you to:




Pwetty pwease? :3

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I knew people would take this too seriously :/


Broso (Catso[?]) you really have to understand that most of what we say, you take seriously.


inb4 me taking this post seriously is his statement coming true, but in the future. :o

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In honor of this thread, I'll give everyone in this thread a "Like".......except Catsby..........groveling for "likes" and whatnot is like the guy on the street corner trying to wash your windshield with waded up old newspaper and some nasty ass dirty water......and expect to get something for your troubles......not happening! 

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