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UPN Recognition of Hostilities


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You are but you would do it in the ugliest way possible.

That was my job desciption. I did my job even better than TheNG did.

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Greatkitteh was here.-

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>raids UPN for months and has no diplomatic solution

>raids UPNs allies

>justifies war because a few members spied in retaliation


top kek

Yea that's pretty much what I thought about the spy stuff too.  Arrgh attacked UPN/allies long before any of this spy stuff, so the spying makes sense.

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If I am not mistaken Mensa's first alliance wide war was against us. It was the war when UPN chose to help VE/tS, without having a direct obligation. We had vastly superior numbers, but it was fairly early on in the game and UPN did the heavy lifting -- due to some of our allies/coalition members (such as WWF/CS/BK) at that point not having anywhere near enough resources to militarise fully. So we took the targets who had high militaries, and our coalition partners would then jump on after they were neutralised to get in as much infra damage as possible. And by their own admission from what I recall Mensa members were impressed by our performance, and learnt a lot from the experience.


I don't want to rehash the debate, but that is simply not true. I guess you can look up how most Mensa members felt about it at the time. From memory, I can say that Mensa was far from being anywhere near to being defeated at that point -- and many of their fighters had maxed out military. Mensa had declared on VE, and I don't believe that VE were winning (because I remember the chats I had with Impero and Goldie, with the latter urging us to come in as soon as possible because things weren't great.)


And for the record we did not join the war "late", no later than anyone else anyway. Keep in mind we did not even have an obligation to join, and our entry was quicker than some who did have direct treaty obligations. We took two days after the initial declaration, and done a joint declaration with tS on Guardian at the same time and also declared on Mensa on the same day and done the majority of the heavy lifting on them, because like I said CS/BK/WWF were all somewhat strapped for resources at that point.


Disclaimer: I know there was some sort of bug/issue with the game at the time involved, so maybe I am remembering something wrong due to that.


Both 100% correct.  UPN wasn't slow to that fight.  They jumped in and really squashed any chance of a counter attack and from what I saw, UPN were quite prepared and were quite the irritant to Guardian, lol, which was where I was watching it.  I assume the same went for the others UPN attacked that war.



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