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  1. can someone translate this for me
  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to the esteemed Methrage
  3. "beating me into the dirt repeatedly is actually just a part of my master plan"
  4. I really hope they try to counter shark week e: unless it stupidly reignites this dumb dead and boring war for another 3 months oh god We didn't know who they were either until they decided to make a point of being incredibly edgy.
  5. Then consider me thoroughly trolled by his TGH alliance tag
  6. NGL that sounds boring as hell, but that's where you get creative and offer something different in return.
  7. Ah yes, and I'm sure they'll all be similarly egregious. Not many alliances in this game can come up with 5m food for Afrika Korps. Next thing you know we'll find out Roq personally demanded Green Hippo Avatar Man draw an mspaint rendition of Johnny Five Aces.
  8. I can't believe the KORCHIC coalition lost the war because someone stole 4.5b. Better luck next time. Also something about ducks I guess.
  9. You poor dears. I forgot, you have us right where you want us. NPO will be dead by christmas.
  10. I like how yall spent so many days writing so many words about how ColB is ruining the game and won't let yall have peace, only to have one of your own throw a fit and leak the peace terms that yall are mad about. A couple bil, and 1 day of wardecs on a select few extremely Bad Posters. That's Ruining Are Game.
  11. "We will never accept peace! We have them right where we want them!" - This guy, Dec 2019
  12. I like that a tiny amount of reparations is considered "outrageous peace terms" that are "destroying the game" Keep fighting the good fight!
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