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  1. Confirmed Your OBL team, the Nye Strikers, played a home game against the Yuno YUNO. The final score was 3-1, you won. Your nation earned $23,934.57 for hosting the game. You also earned $848.53 for winning the game. Click here to see the Game Results.
  2. I'll also say this, if the idea is strictly to limit the inflow of money into the game then the 5s delay isn't strictly necessary when you have that 1000 game limit. It kind of screws with the dynamic if there's no automatic reward for away player -and- a 5s timer on them. The combination of both means they'd end up embargoing newbies/unknowns/randoms just to get paid anything and not waste significant chunks of time. Automatic halfsies between both teams maybe?
  3. Things might change after the new game day, but a bunch of us who haven't done baseball in 24hrs just tested it and are still making ~10% what we'd normally expect. Yall can go back to your scheduled fighting now lol
  4. Buddy, I think your max revenue is off by a factor of about 5 lol e:f;b
  5. https://lawandcrime.com/live-trials/live-trials-current/amber-guyger/dallas-police-expected-to-announce-arrest-in-joshua-browns-murder/ Dallas PD saw how unbelievable the whole epstein thing was and said "Hold my beer, I can top this" Whomst among us hasn't driven 5 hours for weed, accidentally done a murder, then forgot the weed and money and drove home?
  6. or he could change one parameter in his recaptcha setup
  7. I'm not going to download the extremely legitimate browser extension from indiacustomercare dot com and check, but that looks like all it does it click the recaptcha checkbox. It shouldn't be effective when the captcha asks you to teach an AI what a taxi looks like. Shouldn't, looks like, etc. Maybe recaptcha is just way shittier than I assume.
  8. Are you one of those extremely normal lost cause types
  9. Oh hey it's that insanely fashy movement that, had they won the Russian revolution, would have likely started the holocaust a decade or two early. Cool alliance name bro. What's your inevitable reboot going to be called? The 11th Panzers? Afrika Korps? Maybe an italian gimmick named the PNFriends? Some kind of Rhodesian name?
  10. So the cop that marched into her neighbor's apartment and started blasting got 10 years for murder. Shame it wasn't the death penalty. Unfortunately, one of the bigger witnesses in that trial ended up ~mysteriously dead~ literally 1 day later. Gotta love living in an extremely normal and not fashy shithole
  11. We've been threatened by a knight Sailor of the Order of Vit├ęz
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