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  1. Nope. Why would they? We didn't rebrand
  2. Lee. The name’s Lee. Why can no one get it right? Lol
  3. White army is Russian. And I never mentioned race.
  4. Sounds like you don’t have a counter argument
  5. That’s racist too. It doesn’t matter the race you are, racial prejudice is racial prejudice
  6. Oh sorry man. Lol. I’ve been in attack mode all night
  7. It’s my in game name. When I joined over a year ago. Give me a break man
  8. How is it racist? Russian Revolution
  9. I’ll be honest man. I know. Heck, I didn’t even declare HTO’s existence (even though it was almost too 50). I just came to the realization that this is just a game. I have to stop worrying about it We will see friend. There’s a good chance you’re right, but a technical possibility you’re wrong.
  10. I’ll take back my complement Oh come on man. You know it isn’t about race
  11. Good pun I’ll be honest man. I’ve realized something I’m trying to put into effect. This is a game. Not real life
  12. Well if any of y’all know me, you know I’m no wizard with words. I’ll make this short and sweet. I’m forming an alliance to hit a metaphorical reset button. I’m not trying to get away from anything, I just think a fresh start would be beneficial. Most of you that know me either know me from TDU or HTO, but I plan to get to know many more of you with the creation of TWA!
  13. Can we have someone play HTO just screaming in the background?
  14. Jack is uninterested in Dixie now. And if you didn’t care, why did you make the post?
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