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  1. Uh, hi If you haven't heard by now there was a War started between Black Skies and RIE. We (Asylum of The Phoenix) joined in that war under the context of the meme "Alan demanded 50m in reps". To us that was a horrible CB πŸ‘€ And we had declared the war name as "BS vs. The Micros"... With the new information that was brought to light today between BS Leader and AoTP Leader, we have decided it's in our best interest to Surrender this war with Black Skies. Just goes to show you need to know the full story. And not have war dodgers in your AA lol. Oop. (AoTP doesn't do a DoE, instead we do Surrender post😱)
  2. Gottem, do big damage!
  3. Freaking dumb amount of reps lmao poor alan.
  4. Ayy! Glad to be your friends in this πŸ™‚ You know we are rooting for you!
  5. But that's what we call it in my AA πŸ˜• its milfcum lmao
  6. Well shit, Nokia getting it all out there. Time to expose?
  7. I mean there's a lot of Leaders who just VM but hang out in the Alliances not doing anything. Why not hang out in HammerFall? πŸ’™
  8. Nokia! Glad to see you back. I really like the idea of a "Retired" Alliance. Just hang out in VM and bug people in other servers lol. Maybe I should retire πŸ€”
  9. Wait, Nokia... you better freaking DM me!
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