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  1. Clicksey

    Desert Tales

    Seems like a good time to me.
  2. Clicksey

    Image Rehost Requests

    Image Type: Alliance Flag Image Link: Nation ID: Alliance ID (for alliance flags only): 4901
  3. Clicksey

    Orbis, let's have a chat.

    Alliances being forced into the idea that having a good, perfect, or even reason CB is required to hit someone is how we will all end up huddling around throwing shade at each other but not doing anything about it. Personally, I like CBs, and I like knowing why certain alliances are at each other throats (as I'm sure most non-gov, non top-15 alliance members do), but at the end of the day there is no moral high ground to be claimed by having a better CB than any other party in a war.
  4. Clicksey

    Plot Und Panzer

    I have officially joined Afrika Korps, which means soon I will replace every position of government with myself. Good luck.
  5. Clicksey

    DoE of The Dixie Union

    We'd need to find a really right wing alliance for them to merge with so we could have all the racists in one place. Jokes aside, good luck!
  6. Clicksey

    Plot Und Panzer

    This is my favorite alliance, I love you all so much.

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