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  1. That's why you have spies to destroy missiles. Duh...
  2. This is a discussion forum. I'm not stupid especially when I already got warned twice for that. You think I would give up my right to have meaningful discussions.
  3. The world does not revolve around your sad alliance.
  4. I have a problem with people calling each other Nazis, Fascists, etc. It is not decent because these terms offend and have offended many people. There were entire world wars involving these terms where millions have died. I don't think you should allow some words but not others. With all due respect please be consistent with creating rules and issuing penalties. Several nations also have Soviet imagery, Confederate Flags, and questionable content on their flags and nation pages. Only banning Nazi imagery isn't consistent because these other historical factions are just as bad if not worst. Please ban strong political language and Slurs, not just Nazism. Thank You
  5. This is simply ridiculous and attempt to post in order to bait troll or flame.
  6. Isn't this circumventing rules or trying to get others to bypass game protocols to stop bots and scripts. @Alex Read the comments as well.
  7. Alex isn't going to remove recaptcha for declaring wars. It was intentionally put there to keep people like you from trying to use a bot to auto declare wars or automatically fight wars using algorithms.
  8. This is just NPO dropping one ally that has lost its usefulness and picked up another. So much for ass kissing... Lol
  9. I think this counts as spam. A whole of lot nothing and not worth a post on this forum. @Alex What do you think?
  10. Listing a reason isn't a requirement to place an embargo.
  11. Four people is mob, and GOONS is known for harassing and frequently breaking game rules with Alex just overlooking you all. You are not helping by just using a weak defense for your alliance.
  12. Alex won't do anything. GOONS is probably his biggest source of vip members. Don't want to make them mad.... 🙄
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