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  1. Before you implement this change on the live server. My answer is NO. You are fixing something that isn't broken once again. @Alex
  2. Deulos


    If he had time to implement up voting ads then he has time to make other meaningful updates. Again it's the principle of the thing. We do have a right to complain because we actually play the game. And many people donate because they like seeing meaningful changes.
  3. Deulos


    You didn't even ask anyone @Alex I disagree with player ads being up voted or down voted. That means people will always ever see the alliances that have the most members that voted for themselves. This further cements the idea that top 5 alliances actually matter and they really don't. Please reverse this change.
  4. I didn't even know this bloc still existed tbh. What even is UPN??
  5. Oh come on @Pasky´╗┐ Darkfire and @durmij It's simply a joke. You're letting a video get you all upset. Don't let the hiding GOONS among you get you all in a knot now....
  6. Even though I'm relatively isolated from mainstream dramma (with short "a" vowel, actual drama is something I pay for) and stuffy politics I feel I can add in my two cents. My former alliance (AGON) was actually targeted by Changeup and Akuryo. It was said that Akuryo was trying to convince Borg to freeze me out and also tried to get E404 to drop ties. Also changeup reported one of my government members resulting in his removal from the position. Also, changeup ignored my requests to post advertisements on his server for AGON. Very strange behavior. Akuryo seems to just stoke o
  7. "Thanos Snapeth" "I eat infra with Fauva beans" "Look at me, I'm the captain now!" "It's not yours, but arrgh's" "I need to speak to your manager!!" "*Pirate noises intenisfies*" "Have you had your nuke today? " "For the emperor!!!" "Are you happy now?"
  8. Why are you even here? Anyways, I approve, lol. Great seeing new faces lead the way!! Argghh!
  9. An option to turn on notifications for certain things and turn off for others. For example, you don't want to be notified about some denouncing your nation. It should be an option to turn that off.
  10. You all are just mad you can't stomp minispheres and micros you don't like out of existence so easily like you've done in the past. I blame TKR personally for creating NPO/Opus Dei and their CB. It was TKR spheres fault trying to dogpile random opponents they deem worthy of crushing. Now, everyone is sick of it and basically brings in Knightfall 2.0. Somebody didn't get the message the first time. "You ain't the world police, mind your business and be great"
  11. The idea is if he could use time to delete a feature why not use the same time to create a new feature. You said Alex has to use dev time wisely but deleting features is now all of sudden wise. Just a couple months ago people didn't think deleting beige was "using dev time wisely". Don't let your dislike of me get in the way of thinking logically and using facts in your statements.
  12. Repeal and replace, instead of repealing. Check the suggestions in this forum addressed to you, the game creator, about possible replacements for baseball.
  13. Stop lying, you froze me out. In fact I will come up with a UI change. You won't be able to use it though since you and your privileged team already think they know what's best.
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