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  1. Duh...they obviously matter and can fight. Do you see anyone raiding them or trying to twist their arm into this silly global...they have their own brand of politics and they seem to be doing fine.
  2. It should be since hitting the declare button is conscious ac---. Oh I forgot, the Borg must you give you permission. My bad
  3. Says the guy that hasn't been in a war since 8/27. But seriously other less fortunate souls are struggling to keep up with the 900+ planes that Coalition B demands should be their military set up now. Having that many planes can cost $600-1 mil per day and that's on top of other nation costs. And let's not get into the exorbitant costs it takes to launch one attack, up to 1.5 mil in resource cost per attack....
  4. I was hoping I made it before the NPolice struck with their feelings and "but muh planes" It's called math.
  5. NPO has established a political hegemony at the cost of your alliance. You can't get on here and brag about your alliance winning when they were losing before NPO jumped in to save you. In that process BK has given up their sovereignty to a more powerful force. The question you try and deflect over and over, is "When and how are you going to build your political power back to what it was?" If your answer is "I love and adore NPO", "We won crybabies", "nanny nanny boo boo" "everyone is toxic" etc.,you seriously need a reality check. And very fast....
  6. Deulos

    Sin News

    The most informal and dirty we can get. We are now looking for controversial personalities, reporters that don't care, and meme makers that let it hang. (Tight wads need not apply.) https://discord.gg/9PgaPBy
  7. All they do is press "declare war" and "buy city" at the orders of NPO. They don't interact or play within the community and it was revealed they are being sheltered because of "toxicity". You don't have to shelter someone if you know what you believe is the best thing. Whenever you shelter you bring in a system of control akin to a slave and master. Many people disapprove of NPO importation because it only serves to divide the game more, make it more monotonous and less fun; thereby driving away several players who don't like monotony or absolute rule. I'm not saying NPO is at fault in player base loss but tactics described above are employed quite frequently over the course of the war which indicates a strong correlation.
  8. If @Alexdoes any of this hell would be frozen over.
  9. Your posts are weak, you don't add anything valuable to the game.

  10. You have nothing to add to the game. You're weak, biased, and boring.
  11. Deulos

    You're next

    Big brother got you. Lol Too late though I already quoted the meat of what you said. It's nice to know I'm on their lists. *looks at hidden cameras*
  12. Deulos

    You're next

    You have no idea what's going on, probably because you were imported to press "declare war" or "buy city". You even quoted what I said but totally ignored the meaning. We aren't on your side and that means we are going to attack you. You can also expect attacks from anyone listed in KETOG. (in case you don't know what that stands for its Knights Templar, Empryea, The Golden Horde, Oblivion, Grumpy Old Bastards with help from Rose, Arrgh, and Chaos Bloc). That doesn't mean they are just raiding you but rather they are looking for your defeat in this very long war. Good luck to you! PS. I am not foreign affairs for Arrgh, I just make edgy propaganda to piss off RoqBots and hiveminds alike.
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