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  1. I wasn't a micro leader. But I do. And what's a "sperg". American English pls. 🙄
  2. 1. Inactive leadership--leaders and officers that are not online for days at a time can hurt the moral of members. Especially when said leaders aren't on discord. 2. Wack themes--Random names or names already used by a previous alliances is just stale and in bad taste. Especially, names that have the words "united, union, republic, states, coalition, Knights, federation etc.) 3. Weak Allies/No Protection--Choosing to ally with, for example, 5 member alliances with avg 300 score isn't a smart decision especially if your alliance is wholly out of range. Also, choosing generic top 50 procterates like NPO or Black Knights will get you nowhere. 4. Accepting New Players--Accepting new players is a risk because about 90% of new players go inactive in about two weeks. This results in non-taxable deadweight. 5. No advertising/Horrible Page Design-- having just a wall of text for alliance page is boring and nobody wants to read it. Also, having poor pixelated graphics does not make your alliance look good. Advertising helps get the word out.
  3. There was a bounty posted on this nation for victorious raid war. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=79805 I did win but the bounty was not collected and still exists on his nation page.
  4. Deulos


    Hello, This apology is for Center of Offbeat Powers and my former alliance Golden Phoenix Coalition. Also, for leader Minesome. I am very sorry to have publicly declared without permission on COOP for 30 million dollars, terrorising them for internal fueds. Also I apologize to @MinesomeMC for trying to ruin his reputation and destroy GPC. The nation of Oupros will not pursue any further conflicts with Golden Phoenix Coalition, Center of Offbeat Powers, MinesomeMC, any government or members. Thank You
  5. Deulos

    My Camping Trip

  6. Deulos

    Delete the game

    Exactly, lol...
  7. Deulos

    Need Alliance Data mining bot

    Usually opinions like yours are better left unsaid. If you don't make bots than you are simply trolling. It's not relevant to anything I said.....
  8. I willing to pay top dollar for a bot that retrieves various information from alliances, and compiles into graphs.
  9. Deulos

    Micro Affairs

    Amen to that!
  10. Deulos

    My Camping Trip

    I never said you shouldn't have a life. I said you should let us know when you'll be on vacay. That's unfair to everyone trying to contact you. Still doesn't change the fact you have MY 30 million dollars sitting in the bank. I've already asked nicely before all of this and your "friend" decided to play dumb and refuse.
  11. Deulos

    My Camping Trip

    No one told me that. Maybe instead of going on camping trips you should have the audacity not to give people headaches about their cash or knowingly install incompetent government. I understand it's a game but if you need a break just let us know. That doesn't change the fact you still owe me 30 million. And there will be no mercy to retrieve it from you.
  12. Deulos

    Golden Phoenix Coalition review

    I posted nowhere near that amount. In fact I barely post in the forums due to toxic meat bags like you that is salty for whatever reason. I can post as many things as like, because I live in a free country. Maybe you don't but I do. Have a great day
  13. Deulos

    My Camping Trip

    I had the authority to declare war and defend GPC. Theiving government members have no authority to refuse to hand over MY cash. Especially since I helped you all so much with the last GPC. 30 million is a serious amount and you still have it, and you still using it. That's why all this mess is happening.
  14. Deulos

    Golden Phoenix Coalition review

    Well yeah, but I'm thinking they aren't slime bags and would just give it back. Keep in mind Kingd2 stole money from Minepoop in the past and Minepoop totally bent over as usual. He started the alliance and all the blame lands squarely on him. He can't even communicate that he was on vacation and left Kingd2 in charge. I also thought Minepoop had enough sense to not leave a known theif in charge. Guess I expected too much....
  15. Deulos

    Golden Phoenix Coalition review

    "MiCroS nEeD tHEiR oWn sUbFORum" If you don't like it just ignore it like a normal person. @Lucifer Morningstar

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