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  1. You'd be surprised who actually thinks this.
  2. I detest this very statement. We aren't, we are civilised, we sit criss-cross applesauce and say "please".
  3. From the desk of the CEO Greetings all, Despite many headlines,the Acquuired Growth and Optimization Network(AGON) is totally not a terrorist organization. We totally don't threaten or take things that don't belong to us. We are not pirates or raiders. We are civilised and do things quite differently. 1. We have an internal bank where members can buy shares and get loans. 2. We have a innovative growth model for all of our members. 3. No taxes (unless you're inactive) 4. Great reputation. 5. Democratic We pride ourselves on being different and being able to prosper on fresh new models of growth for our members. COMMUNISTS ARE NOT ALLOWED AND WE HAVE PLENTY OF HELICOPTERS FOR THEM!! All members have a vote in election of government members and war declarations. Individualism is a prized virtue in AGON. Thanks for your continued support. For people that hate reading: AGON exists.
  4. So nobody is going to mention why this is in huge letters and bold?
  5. Which 300k score whale fest should I choose? Hmmm. Let's pick one with a cool name. Welp, looks like the all get an S score. Wooo! Congrats for winning!
  6. Anti semitism And possible multi https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=234947 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=234944
  7. Terms weren't presented. Then why are they doing it.
  8. So why am I being flattered by having 100+ nations recognize hostilities with me. And on the forums too...
  9. LukeTP: Agon is too smol to matter. Also LukeTP: Yes, declare war on Agon with 100+ nations they are a global threat.
  10. Dear Orbis, I regret to inform you that Terminus Est has technically ended hostility with Agon by stating "We are too small to actually hit." Also, Terminus Est has not declared any new wars in the last 48 hours. (Technically the new wars were declared after Boyce said, the RoH doesn't matter) Additionally, when asked if Agon can continue to raid Terminus Est, Boyce states counters are fair but the overall war "doesn't matter at this point". Thank you for trying to attack us Terminus Est. Maybe we will meet again on the same side but right now hostilities between both parties have ended. Sincerely, Deulos
  11. You've got it!! That's the winning answer!! This is exactly what they want.... I am still able to declare on city 10. Do you know why? Because the chucks now build 2500 infra in each city. They have military builds like 7k tanks and 190k soldiers with 1000 planes and tens of ships. What did the score changes solve? Absolutely nothing. Who is responsible? Everyone brigading Alex with complaints about "uNfAir" downdeclares. (And you won't find them on the forums they do it in private.)
  12. Isn't that sweet? Too bad Alex doesn't care enough to actually do this or even read this forum.
  13. Poor thing. He's like an old dude that constantly repeats the same story but it gets even more unbelievable every time he tells it.
  14. Why not make the war expire if the defending nation does not use MAPS in 24 turns?
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