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  1. Deulos

    Buying More Land Reduce Infra Costs

    I'm not sure what you mean...
  2. Deulos

    Buying More Land Reduce Infra Costs

    Maybe it could be capped at 50% with 10000 land. Anyone trying to game the system would have to spend a ton on just land alone.
  3. Just as the title says, If you buy more land your cities are less cramped and therefore infrastructure is less stressed. For example, for every 500 square miles bought the infrastructure costs reduces by 1%.
  4. Deulos

    Increase max MAP pool to 18 / 24?

    Hello friend🙂
  5. Deulos

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    It's only for six months lol
  6. Deulos

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Finally a TKR nerf.
  7. Deulos

    The Phoenix is Dead

    Thank you MinesomeMc!! And your welcome!
  8. To streamline the war system mechanic it would help to be able to pre-select a series of attacks with the amount of MAPs available. Example: You have 10 MAPs so you can have 3 ground battles, 2 ground battles and 1 naval/airstrike, 2 naval/airstrike or one missile launch.
  9. Deulos

    Separating out military units into armies

    Simple solution: keep your score as low as possible with maximum military capabilities at one click or turn away. That way your score(and military) is flexible for wars and you don't have to worry about down declares.
  10. Simple suggestion Automatically move alliance members that are inactive for more than a week to applicant.
  11. Deulos

    Nation Event Suggestion.

    I like the idea. But instead can you have a region or nation color affected. For example:"All blue nations have suffered from a thunderstorm" Also, can you have more positive events like: Summer season spawns: Celebrity Visitation 20% chance to get $500,000, or Scientific Breakthrough that awards 50 infrastructure etc. Great Idea!
  12. Deulos

    Make Approval Rating Mean Something

    @Flavee So I don't care about your negativity or trolling. Confirming all my points just proves you agree. If you do t like different ideas on a suggestions forum (where New ideas live) maybe you should rethink your purpose in responding to anyone's posts in this subforum.
  13. Deulos

    Make Approval Rating Mean Something

    Make ways to increase approval ratings, or have a real use for it. I mean why have it. Its just extra code for Alex to deal with, maybe he meant to do something with it and left it unfinished or forgot. Winning wars is supposed to be a bad thing? That doesn't make sense.
  14. Deulos

    Make Approval Rating Mean Something

    1. So make it bounded or get rid of it. 2. Don't care about what your approval rating is or what has happened for many years. 3. It is just as easy to gain approval rating. 4. Anything else? 1. Don't care about the lowest approval rating. 2. That question tells me you didn't read my original post. 3. Was there anything constructive you needed to add?
  15. Deulos

    Alliance Tariffs

    He has a valid point on how tariffs could affect trade rates. And tariffs of course won't have the same affect as it does in the real world. I think that's what @Arthur Pendragonis saying. I'm not saying I totally disagree with tariffs but after all the facts are presented it could be decided on whether its a good idea or not.

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