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  1. The theme was the joke hence the superficial poetic nature. Hopefully I don't have to explain the joke.
  2. 7 people have no class and hate poetry it seems. 🤔
  3. Now this is the diabeetus type sweet $&#@. All mushy and cringy. 🤮
  4. Yeah, Alex has some pretty arbitrary calculations behind the scenes and nobody can tell what's going on(which is typical for him). Hence why we see utter failures for attacks that seemingly shouldn't be.
  5. Tbh I thought Alpha disbanded in 2019. Could have sworn I saw post about that... As for Polaris, only guy that is active in that alliance is Bonnaroo.
  6. Instead of the recaptcha thingy, I suggest we have a math problem verification for every attack we do and every trade we do. Also a bonus random calculus word problem for stashing money and buying military. It could even be themed like for ground attacks it could be. "If Lord Sammy has 150k soldiers and builds 55k for 3 days. How many soldiers does he have in all?" The bonus calculus word problem should take like 10-15 minutes. And it can be on a variety of I game things. Such as "If you're alliance score is a function of the total gdp of every nation in the alliance and
  7. You know what I just realized you know everything and you're right. I know nothing about gov even though I know quite a few of them before they even created E404. I should go cry in my corner now because I was just discredited by this very knowledgeable person that knows everything.
  8. All their gov is either sitting around not doing anything or inactive. Their Econ department and IA is literally a mess.
  9. I'm not sure why you're on a crusade to defend Quack all of a sudden. They sure aren't needing you defending them. They are more than capable of defending themselves.
  10. Stop using those war declaration bots and this wouldn't be happening. Everyone knows you use bots and it's not actually you declaring wars. You're making the problem worse by complaining.
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