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  1. This suggestion just encourages inactivity and farming. So when a war starts a mass exodus happens because the new players don't want their stuff destroyed. This how pixel huggers are created.
  2. Polls don't do anything for Alex. He ignores them and only listens to Prefontaine. If he does, I'll delete a city.
  3. Epi came to me also. Isn't that strange? 🤔
  4. You're not making sense. Doesn't purchasing your military from the black market double your rebuy as well.
  5. I would limit it to just missiles and nukes. Not the rest of military.
  6. Deulos


    So let me summarize just case Alex says "I DoNt sEe aNy muLtIEs" Iliria has been money laundering. Sending money from his multi through the alliance bank into his nation. He's also been declaring on people twice with his multi "Kosovo". This is the same nation that was sending money through Pantheon Bank and back to Iliria. Thank you to @Lury
  7. Deulos


    Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=128556 Evidence Iliria.txt
  8. Well you got 6 more months of begging before Alex considers this. See you next month, same time?
  9. @Prefontaine we've already had several changes. It can't be next month with more changes, that's too soon. Yeah at least the score changes.
  10. I wonder does @Akuryo know what punctuation is? 🤔
  11. I hate to see players leave. Another player leaving because of Alex... Smh. When does it end.
  12. This isn't Nation States. And the UN is just people watching each other with concealed weapons.
  13. If anything a slight boost could work. However what makes you think people are interested in buying such projects. Most of the non whale players don't bother with producing raws. Also, everyone now just wants steel and do not produce it themselves. You have just about 15 whales producing most of the raws and manufactured for EVERYONE in Orbis.
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