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  1. Venom

    End off-shore banks for Alliances

    Honestly, I didn't read most of this thread so I won't know if this got mentioned yet, but wouldn't removing alliance bank looting just encourage alliances to keep their inactives in the alliance? Right now, keeping around inactives is a risk to the alliance because if they get raided then the alliance bank will get looted (unless moved), regardless of the nation getting moved to applicant status after the fact. This would then make it harder to find inactives to raid since they'd all be couped up in alliances being useless, and only serving as pseudo-score for their alliances whom are hoping they might one day make a return to the game. Really, there's more damage in this change towards raiding than what's shown on the surface.
  2. Venom

    Trunks out for Carthage!

    No RedPhx in government, this is already good news.
  3. Venom

    Laugh isn't actually upvote?

    I don't believe this is exactly what you're looking for, but, on your profile page you can click on reputation activity to see how many laugh reacts someone has and then based on their general reputation in the community you can probably deduce if they were genuine laughs or ironic ones. Though, I agree they should add to reputation; It just doesn't seem fitting to get a laugh from a post and then not be able to react properly whilst also rewarding the person for their good humor.
  4. Venom

    DOE of Kazoku

    Yes I agree, Acadia doesn't count as a protector, please seek a new protectorate.
  5. Venom

    Careful, it's Soup!

    By this logic, the statement: "I’m sure they’re more 'upset' at your lack of awareness, or your failed attempt of propaganda" is Hippo pitting himself against you, you were already pitting yourself against TKR so I'm not quite sure how Buor's statement really makes any contribution to that other than point out the fallacy in your statement.
  6. Venom

    Careful, it's Soup!

    See a couple posts up when you tried "exposing" TKR, blatantly ignoring the nation history that was right in front of you.
  7. Venom

    Careful, it's Soup!

    What a hypocritical statement if I ever saw one.
  8. Venom


    Did you know that having your nation banned also results in a forum ban?
  9. Venom

    Careful, it's Soup!

    "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today." Wish y'all had posted this earlier >_>
  10. Venom

    Emperor Jonas: The Poll

    Can you add "stupid" as an answer to every question, seems to be the norm with everything you write.
  11. Venom

    Emperor Jonas Is Right

    Please do ban him. What's worse than one pixel hugging nation? Three pixel hugging nations.
  12. Venom

    Remove war

    Shall we just call this game Politicsandshekels?
  13. Venom

    Bus System

    I feel like this would be a redundant improvement to have since the subway already fulfills the same purpose as far as mechanics are concerned, and I would argue that in a game like this, improvements should be unique in purpose. Of course, the purpose should also be relevant to the building and the building also unique from other existing improvements, the only exception of which are resource-dependent facilities since the resources they utilize are themselves, unique from each other. I Personally think improvements should fill a specific purpose that is not already present in the game, especially if said improvement could actually find some adequate usage in people's normal builds instead of some niche fashion like is seen with wind turbines or even supermarkets.
  14. Venom


    With the merger comes a complete absorption of their magical ability to be couped many times over.

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