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  1. First leak is an achievement though ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. Oy where did you get that picture of me
  3. It sounds like y'all are okay if we make Epi our Empress then. Could have just asked. "Epimetheus is no King, Queen or Emperor and is to blame for this"
  4. Yay I got mentioned in a leak โ˜บ
  5. Agreed, forming a sphere out of two existing spheres in order to declare a war of aggression is quite different from 3 spheres, with a log history of friendly relations, joining together in the interest of defense. It's also 2 spheres blobbing together with the third appreciating the help. It's not quite fair to act like Rose chose to be at war...
  6. That moment when you realize the prefix 'neo' can be used for more things than the second version of something๐Ÿ˜‡
  7. Camelot apologizes to TKR and friends for not providing an ample warning that we would be doing something that was apparently so expected that we (apparently) needed to create a secret treaty about it. We know TKR has usually been led around by t$ so we promise not to judge you too much for getting yourselves into a pretty obvious dogpile situation. Maybe you thought t$ would miss you and help? (Note: not official statement from Camelot)
  8. Kinda like how one might start thinking everyone acts like a 14 year old if they were to spend too much time in the Eclipse discord ๐Ÿค”
  9. Too many fmr or current milcom nation balls in a single sphere. Was messing with gravity or something.
  10. I think something should be done with the approval system. Maybe implementing something like decisions that cost money or resources but improve approval. Reset everyone's approval rating. Maybe have a combat and revenue debuff/buff for low/high approval. Food shortage will hurt approval, not income, but low approval hurts income. Have the cost of maintaining approval scale with city count and infra level. I think this will make wars more strategic as you cant just neglect your nation and lose wars to avoid beiging your enemy. Keeping a decent economy will help win wars. This will also make gameplay more interesting during peace since you have to log in to make sure your approval doesnt dip too low.
  11. To all of you glad to see BK dead, please remember those of us who called it home. Sure leo made you mad, and sure you wish us BK Knights well, but most of us would rather be back in our alliance again. This is a bad situation for everybody and the blame falls of many outside of BK and NPO.
  12. Don't forget it has to be super simple to construct and when you build it, a randomly selected nation has to foot the bill.
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