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  1. I got some pink flamingos you can put in his yard if you want.
  2. Knock knock! So excited for this.
  3. Close. Come party with us and you'll get the rest of the way there.
  4. Bourbon Street Travel Guide Jazz, drinks, food, and more! Active. Noisy. Laid back. Bourbon Street is many things. For some, the merger of IKEA and Ampersand came as quite a shock. What could two vastly different alliances possibly have in common that would lead them to this move? Bourbon Street embodies the life of each entity while supplementing each culture with an infusion of neon lights, music, and great food. HISTORY On January 31, 2022, IKEA and Ampersand formally merged into Bourbon Street. While maintaining their Cataclysm protectorate, the new alliance set out on a path to bring the wandering crowds of Orbis a place to relax, have some fun, and meet new faces. Bourbon Street is also pet friendly. (Meet Gypsy. She is helpful at making Bourbon Street artwork.) POINTS OF INTEREST Bourbon Street is known for a variety of colorful locations. How about some mouth watering beignets or a bowl of steaming gumbo from Cafe Beignet. Larry Flynn’s Hustler Club is sure to delight audiences with regaling acts. Maison Bourbon is one of the most popular jazz clubs in town which showcases hits from the biggest names in jazz. Need a quick bite to eat? Check out the Vending Machine. They are sure to have all of your favorite snacks. Don’t forget to visit Emrys Welsh Holidays & gifts for the best souvenirs before you leave. ICONIC MEMBERS Bourbon Street Gov Councilmen (Leaders) Public Relations (FA) - Mr. Kilo Security - Drakdödare Finance and Marketing- Matshaa Human Resources (IA) - 🧁HannaH🧁 Deputy Councilman (2ic) mutedfaith Chairman (High Gov) Public Relations - Arln Security - MR POTATOE / UTHER PENDRAGON Finance - Galerion Marketing -Fulc Human Resources - Comrade Josh Deputy Chairman (Low Gov) Public Relations - Labaw Security - Doom Squad (Reunited States), Labaw, The Ringer Finance - CaptainProudmoore, TheAnarchyGuy Marketing - Labaw, Samuel le Schnauzer Human Resources - Labaw, Samuel le Schnauzer, Academy - ハルカ CONSTANT CELEBRATIONS In Bourbon Street, there is always something to celebrate. Be sure to join our discord for the latest events. https://discord.gg/UaKrXSJEa4 Currently, we have a chess tournament happening, but keep an eye out for Mardi Gras. MORE TO EXPLORE Bourbon Street: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=8777 Tour the real Bourbon Street: https://www.xplorit.com/new-orleans/bourbon-street/musical-legends-park
  5. Love the theme you guys! I wish you the best of luck. ❤️
  6. Alliance of the Year: Cataclysm Most Improved Alliance: GATO Best Rookie Alliance: IKEA Best Alliance for New Players: Rose Most Likely to Succeed in 2022: IKEA Most Likely to be Rolled in 2022: The Immortals Most Honorable Alliance: Ampersand Most Immoral Alliance: The Immortals Best Fighting Alliance: Hand of Fate Worst Fighting Alliance: The Fighting Pacifists Best Alliance Growth: Rose Best Foreign Affairs Team: Cataclysm Best Foreign Affairs Move: Clock forming Worst Foreign Affairs Move: Forming Hollywood Alliance with Best Propaganda: The Wei Most Missed Alliance: Seven Kingdoms
  7. Player of the Year: @Azazel Most Influential Player: @Keegoz Most Likely to Succeed in 2022: Matshaa Best Alliance Leader: @His Holy Decagon Worst Alliance Leader: Epi Best In-Character Poster: @Keegoz Best Villain: Spanky Nicest Player: @Pika Most Controversial Player: @Lord Tyrion Most Missed Player: @TheRebelMan Best Fighter: @Horsecock Best Nation Page: @Kiloist II
  8. Praise be. It's always a blessed day when there is a favorable outcome in a high court.
  9. This is a really wonderful thing. Well done, TKR. I love this!
  10. Hello dear! ❤️ Nice to see you :3
  11. I wanted to respond with a heart. So. ❤️❤️❤️ Edit: Fixed it!
  12. Hail USN! Now, only you Korner Friends can stop the tyrant that is Hannah.
  13. As President of the Kilo Fanclub... I approve this crusade. Down with the Hannah!
  14. Give us the art! We want the art!
  15. I pledge my sword to the banner of the King in the North, Zygon Stark By the old gods and the new down with the tyranny of the Squeegee with honor, loyalty, and direwolves for all
  16. I really, really hope they do. This was such a poor show of leadership on his part that I am astounded anyone follows him.
  17. HO HO HO! Merry Christmas! And greetings. I await the festivities. Will there be cookies?
  18. Wow. Imagine being so insecure that you have to post toxic messages towards two alliances posting a treaty declaring their friendship and willingness to work not only with their protector, but also each other going forward. Wow you sure showed them. 🙄 Congratulations to my protectorates. ❤️ You guys are both wonderful, and I am beyond thrilled to see this posted and to see what you guys do moving forward.
  19. NGL, I want to downvote this so badly... but ❤️ you Ri! Enjoy retirement!
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