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  1. There are two main lines of thought I am working with right now.. #1. We have to treat Trump better then Obama was treated by !@#$ Republicans because we're morally superior to them and unlike them, we respect our system of government which requires compromise and working together. #2. We have to fight Trump with everything we have on every single issue because the Republicans have essentially declared war on Democrats and the Constitution. We can't keep playing nice when dealing with psychotic nutjobs(and by psychotic nutjobs, I don't mean Trump, I mean many Republicans). I'm going with #1 for now. But I'm really just a few shakes short of going #2. I guess the protesters are already there. As an individual, what would #2 mean for me? Sorry dudes, I live in the burbs and have a job. Not going to any downtown protests, nor do I see the point. You want to get #2 going? Become a precinct committeeman. Run for office. My district didn't even have a Democrat running for State Representative this time. Meaningful actions is how you affect change. Also, buy some guns. No telling when the psychotic nutjobs will start a civil war, and you don't want to be disarmed when that happens.
  2. I got offered a job there once. And I was like, "WTF, is that in Kentukistan? No way". And the said, "No, its in Tennesistan", and so I almost took it, but then declined, because, you know, I'm not ready to lie down with goats and siblings like those folks down there do.
  3. The Chola is um, a lot smaller then the United Kingdom.
  4. There have been dozens if not hundreds of attacks on muslims, blacks and mexicans since the election by Trump supporters. That does not excuse violence against anyone. Take your outrage somewhere else.
  5. You asked, I answer. I think people have a right to protest. I think its stupid though. We had an election. There's no credible allegations the election was unfair or that Trump cheated somehow. Trump is going to be our president. All of us who are Americans. Just like Obama was the president of KKK members who hated him. Unlike them, I'll be rooting for Trump to succeed, because I'm American before I'm anti-Trump. I'm disgusted with your tone, as usual. "Grab a woman by her !@#$ and throw her out of the country" because you disagree with her? Whatever. Just more shock jock Howard Stern type level commentary from you.
  6. There is nothing to fight. The GOP has the House, Senate, White House, and shortly, the Supreme Court. This is a total rout for Democrats and a total win for Republicans. Pretending anything else is a waste of time. The only "fight" will be for 2018, when the party out of power typically gets a big win in both legislative chambers. Really, its time to go back to work and hope they don't !@#$ things up too badly and try and win next time.
  7. Congratulations to the Trump supporters. You guys fought hard for this.
  8. Given that the CDC is led by political appointees, I can see some validity in keeping the CDC from doing the research. (http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Politics/story?id=3235565&page=1) This from 2007 shows the CDC doing very pro-republican things when led by a Bush appointee, so its clearly not laser focused on just health, but includes political considerations. See Wisdomtree, honest people with different opinions and open minds can change their opinions on things when presented with good facts. Its not game over for us all yet.
  9. The whole Ukrainian revolution thing looked a lot like a western plot. To a paranoid mind, it is 100% a cia plot to take Ukraine from Russia's sphere. To a more neutral viewpoint, it looks at least 50% likely western intelligence agencies supported and encouraged the revolution to ditch Yanakuvich(sp, sorry).
  10. I think Trump will get 40-45% of the vote. Not all of those are Trump supporters. Plenty just vote R. Plenty are just "pro life" and think Clinton is the worst enemy to the "unborn". Clinton will win, the Democrats will pick up the Senate and erode the House majority. Then in 2018, the Republicans will take back the Senate and enlarge their majority in the House . So, the House just has to cockblock Clinton for 2 years and we can have 8 years of a do-nothing government, that only functions through executive order.
  11. I started this election season thinking Donald and Hillary were just both awful, but Trump moreso. After the three debates, I saw a strong woman stick to her principles and present a disciplined message onstage next to a spoiled manchild She isn't accused of raping any children. She didn't run a scam university that stole money from people and provided nothing of value. She doesn't run around groping random people and believing she's entitled to do so. She hasn't put thousands of families into bankruptcy by stiffing small business owners. I admire her approach to politics, which you can see even when she's in friendly company. She told BLM that protests were a great way to get started, but if they wanted change, they had to elect friendly politicians and pass specific laws. She told Bernie supporters to come back to earth, any proposal would have to get through Congress, so attainable legislation was a better goal then "pie in the sky" fantasies. Republicans have spent tens of millions of tax payer dollars investigating Hillary Clinton, and they've come up nothing. If she was as evil as Republicans seem to think, they'd have found something. Trump literally bribed attorney generals to not investigate Trump university. His charitable foundation exists solely to buy nice stuff for Trump and his family or pay his legal bills. I'd say Hillary Clinton is not a 10. She's not even an 8. She's not my first choice. But Trump is as low as you can go. Whatever number the worst number can be, that's him. He knows nothing about anything. he's a pig. If he didn't rape the 13 year old girl, he certainly attended parties where teenage girls were being raped and enjoyed the parties. His own words support that part. So, Hillary Clinton is the better choice, by far.
  12. I always wondered about Trump being a plant to assure Clinton a win. Kasich or Bush or Rubio or even Cruz would be cleaning her clock at this point. The thing is, he doesn't strike me as a guy who wants to lose at anything, ever. I bet if he ever plays Scrabble with Melania, he has to win, or else throws the board and pieces all over. He isn't a guy who'd sign up to lose. So I have to go with "no, he's not a plant" And I don't think he's any kind of foreign agent or beholden to foreign agents. He may just have an alignment of interests with Putin. His suggestion that NATO has outlived its usefulness is something America should consider, not merely mock even the suggestion as somehow "empowering Russia", which it does, but really, why are we still involved in Europe's security? If the UK, France and Germany can't get their shit together and deter a country with an economy 1/7th of the combined economy of just those 3 countries, then they aren't worth saving. What I regret about this election is that a !@#$-grabbing egomaniac is now associated with all notions of "America First". There are valid points Trump has made that now have no staying power because HE made them.
  13. No. Its not the future of democracies. Mysticism, hell even basic faith, is in the decline in all democracies.
  14. The NIH study posted was interesting "A number of individual behaviors and susceptibilities are associated with firearm violence and injury. Impulsivity, low educational attainment, substance use, and prior history of aggression and abuse are considered risk factors for violence (for both perpetrators and victims). " "Unauthorized gun possession or use is associated with higher rates of firearm violence than legal possession of guns. " "In 2010, incidents involving firearms injured or killed more than 105,000 individuals in the United States.." Holy shit, that's a lot of people "...the effectiveness of various types of control is inadequately researched. Research on the impact of imposing additional penalties for firearm use in illegal activities has also produced mixed results. Studies on the impact of right-to-carry laws on firearm violence also have inconsistent results" "state laws designed to ameliorate the risk of firearm use by those that abuse alcohol differ, and there is a lack of data on the basis for these laws or on their effectiveness" "It is unclear whether modifications in the physical and social environment have been effective in reducing firearm violence" For decades, Republicans have forbidden any federal gun research. Maybe its time we actually used science. Stop presupposing the answer, and lets get some research. Edit: This conversation got good at some point, wow, totally unexpected.
  15. When I thought of how to break up the sides, it was for VE to sign with t$ and Rose to sign with Mensa. Halfway there!
  16. I think of it as admirably ironic.
  17. To highlight how cool Steve is and how uncool you are, of course.
  18. Worst part of Captcha is this... Select munitions Enter price Enter quanity Hit buy Click stupid captcha checkbox Hit Submit Back to empty page..food, no price no quantity. Can't you put &product=Munitions&price=841&quanity=732 in the URL for the captcha page and when you redirect me to the buy page, read those values back?
  19. Alas, that is what gun fetishists want. They spout Jefferson lines like "The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants once a generation...", but ask them to specify and they get shy. Like "You believe the purpose of the 2nd amendment is to protect your right to have the arms to shoot at American police officers and soldiers?" When they say yes, you've got someone who is ideologically consistent and even if the prospect of another civil war scares you, at least give them the respect they are due for being free of hypocricy on the issue. However many gun fetishists also fetishise police and the military, so it unravels for a lot of them. I think you'll find its the "armed libertarian" types who are most "ideologically pure" on the 2nd amendment. The "don't tread on me", "every man is an island", and "get the government off our backs" types. Edit: I argued with a relative on this point, and he was sure he'd be killing some snot-nosed liberal college kids coming to get his guns. And I'm like "No, its gonna be sheriff Joe, and if you scare him off, its gonna be the national guard with tanks, APCs and the like."
  20. Watch out that Seven Kingdoms or Valyria doesn't annex you.
  21. Here's my take on Snowden. He did a principled thing. The public needed to know what he shared. What he did was a crime. He should face a fair trial and fair punishment for the crime. He needs to "man up" and come home and get arrested and have his day in court. And if he gets a 25 year sentence to deter other whistle blowers, he needs to do the time. To the extent we're willing to call Russia an "enemy", maybe he could be tried for Treason(Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason). I think that's a bit of a stretch though. Treason does carry the death penalty. There are rare exceptions when it is "ok" to break the law, speaking legally. Defending your life, defending someone else's life, and the rather vague concept of Necessity (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necessity). It isn't clear if necessity applies to federal cases or not.
  22. I am SOOOO tired of hearing about NPO, Steve and Cybernations. The last two wars I've had to listen to this bullshit.
  23. I'd say good luck getting peace, TFP, but I don't care about you, and neither does anyone else. Neutrality = indifference.
  24. What was it someone used to say in this situation, oh yeah.. "Do something about it". Edit: I recall eventually someone did.
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