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  1. Garth

    Shifty News Network: Turn up the Radio

    I m big fan of shifty news. Because it helps me to understand the politics and war on Orbis. But I miss your newsletter
  2. Can a mod please move this to Orbis central?
  3. On 23 June , lord Buffington from Nordic sea raiders attack one of the government official of The Pantheon Jan Orwell (Internal affairs). The war won by Jan by 1 resistance with the help of best counter attack team on Orbis . On 26 June , leader of NSR Leif Erikson counter attack top officials of The Pantheon. After that government of the Pantheon decided to destroy them all . On 28 june , 11:00 am , The Pantheon start war against NSR. All the members of alliance unitedly destroy them. https://imgur.com/gallery/vt88Nev
  4. Garth

    Shifty News Network-Insider report from the globalist cabal

    I m not a politics and war expert . I tried to analyse politics her . It seems that rose loose its allies and have leadership split . Is it end of rose sphere. And they try to keep it alive. Need some extra knowledge about this stuff anyone help.
  5. Garth

    Shifty News Network: Special Edition

    It's funny But is it's show anything that happens behind the scenes?
  6. Garth


    Good to see you apologies . It's good for your foreign affairs and relationships.
  7. Garth

    The Fraggle Chaos Fund

    Can I got my 6 city
  8. Garth

    Shifty News Network-Tune in, Dial Out

    It's a huge mistake done by rose it lose his Alli and think it may invite new conflict between nation
  9. Garth

    The most extreme border control in Orbis

    Those who did fund transfer thing r u think they r trust worthy . I think they never . If they betray there friend with they get good position on Orbis . They betray anyone. I think about your suggestions to join tCW for there point of view. Thanks
  10. Garth

    Rose Treaty Annoucement

    Good to see you guys in another Alli . Congratulations to you for your new treaty.
  11. Garth

    The most extreme border control in Orbis

    Looter of alliance property and give it to Another is a big crime. You guys betray your alliance. You guys lost your credibility for some money. It's the ridiculous to objection on the alliance you theft . I don't think you guys good for The commonwealth . Who knows you guys not betray them for those sit money.
  12. Garth

    Let's Dance

    Best of luck in your life. I think you will get a better life in future
  13. Garth

    The end of the 498 Day War

    Good to see new mature alliance for peace
  14. Garth

    Please to help me understand....

    TKR guys killing KT and KT telling it's wrong because they not get chance to do that

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