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  1. Lyro

    Seven Kingdoms Declaration of War

    I don't really see this message as a threat as so much an inevitability, which Pre was pointing out. You steal 500 mil from someone and there's gonna be enough salt for a mother!@#$in snow storm. TEst is decently democratic and having a valid reason to attack someone makes it easy for the majority of members to want a bit of payback after being stomped so hard. True warriors would have waited a few weeks so we could duke it out for real. As a former SK member, this disappoints me. Good luck on the battlefield.
  2. Lyro

    A DoE - Brought to you by Science.

    Yeah I think 'creepy' is the word that was used to describe it. XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wupToqz1e2g
  3. Lyro

    A DoE - Brought to you by Science.

    Lol dont hate on my shitty animating skillls
  4. Lyro

    A DoE - Brought to you by Science.

    Mikey is the official baker.
  5. Lyro

    Graphic Work

    Hey dude I made you a new ad for your graphics. Feel free to use it -thumbs up-
  6. Lyro

    Graphic Work

    Yeah I can name 4 that I know for sure, including the one I made . EDIT: Also why did you cut off Phiney's flag, that thing is beautiful.
  7. Lyro

    Seven Kingdoms does not tolerate Pirating

    I quite like pirates... .... I MEAN WOW PIRATES YOU ARE !@#$ing RUDE WOW .. >.>
  8. Lyro

    Guardian Announcement

    Welcome to the party boys and girls.
  9. lol, maybe you mean High School Diploma? or kindergarten diploma
  10. These are all true, but being gay isn't a choice. A ban on guns wouldn't oppress someone just for being who they are. Guns being allowed also doesn't oppress people. This is a unique matter in which the law hurt people on a fundamental level, such as civil rights issues often are. You can't really compare it to other types of situations.
  11. I doubt you would be saying this if you were refused the right to see your dying SO in the hospital. Like most gay people are. Because they had no spousal rights. Because they couldn't get married. You wouldn't be saying this if your SO was forced to pay massive taxes on the money left to them when you died, because you didn't have spousal rights. Because you weren't allowed to get married.
  12. Lyro

    It's getting hott in here

    I love the theme, but how does it work with more than one Fire Lord?
  13. No ones forcing you to be our friends . Paperless worked out for us better than paper treaties. Tenages tried to get with the program of how P&W FA seems to work, and it backfired. Lesson learned.
  14. Bump bump bump. JOIN SK. Test est test new pip wot

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