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  1. Could someone here write a script for me to use with Tampermonkey? I will pay reward.
  2. Robert IV

    Politics&War Roleplaying (Applications & Info)

    APPLICATION Official Nation Name: Rothlo Population (P&W numbers): 618,301 GDP per Capita (P&W numbers): $2,750.51 Population Density (sq. km): 618,301 / (Corsica)8,680 km² + (Sardinia) 24,090 km² (= 32,770) = 18.86 (Take your claim, and then take your P&W population, and divide the population by the land area you've claimed.) Form of Government: Monarchy Politics&War Wikia Link: (Leave blank if you don't have one) Describe your Nation IC'ly: Rothlo is two glorious islands ruled by me, Robert IV. We are the heart and capital of the Mediterranean sea. We are known for being a powerhouse of global trade. Describe yourself in OOC terms: Rothlo consists of two islands in the Mediterranean. Trade is one of it's biggest economy's, however the leader Robert IV likes to think the nation is bigger, richer, and more powerful than it actually is. The nation believes in world peace. Have you read, and do you agree to abide with, the Rules? (Yes/No): Yes Where on the map do you want to be located? (Using real-world geography/nations, or a self-provided map): The two islands: Corsica and Sardinia altogether 3 provinces. (Map-wise, you're limited to a maximum of 50 provinces. If you go higher than that, I'll personally adjust it down until it's at 50, or ask you to re-do your own example until it fits within the 50 province limit.)
  3. Robert IV

    Graphic Work

    If people are that mad i'll get to work changing it.
  4. Robert IV

    MadGFX - Back in Business!

  5. Robert IV

    Graphic Work

    BINGO! we have a winner, like I said:
  6. Robert IV

    Graphic Work

    Apologies if If I presented it in a way that it seemed I created all the flags for all the top 20+ alliances on the leaderboard, I presumed it was obvious I didn't create them, I only wanted something to use as a header image. The things I have created that I'm proud of I've put in the spoiler box. Yet again I apologize I thought it was clear
  7. Robert IV

    Graphic Work

  8. Robert IV

    Can someone delete my post?

    Nah it's fine but thanks.
  9. Robert IV

    Can someone delete my post?

    The post relies on several images.... but Imgur is down: http://downdetector.co.uk/problems/imgur so can't upload needed photos
  10. Robert IV

    Can someone delete my post?

    Thanks will post it ASAP
  11. In a few days, I'm going to put this ad up on P&W however, I want the ad to link to a forum post I'm going to create in the free trade market the issue, however, is I only made this post 10 days ago. I want to use a new updated post but I noticed this rule: Duplicate Threads Creating duplicate threads will result in topics being locked, hidden, or deleted, in addition to a warn. You do not need multiple threads on the same topic. I know Sheepy is planning on adding a delete option but Is there a way a mod or someone could remove my old post so I'm not breaking the rules (my new post will be the only one regarding this topic for a while, at least, a month). If the above is not possible would it be breaking the rules if I just edited the old post to '[Deleted]'?
  12. Robert IV

    Forum Blogs

    Just because I don't mention them doesn't mean I don't love them. I love poland ball on reddit. I tried to make my own once and realized i'm so bad at drawing I can't even draw a rough circle. I love the fact you have created poland ball in P&W I adore them keep them up.
  13. Robert IV

    Forum Blogs

    I do! I love reading everyone's tales about there nation. Keep writing I love all the blogs I just wish there were more and more often.

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