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  1. Viva La Compañía de las Indias Orientales Holandesas!
  2. If those groups were inherently targeted by individuals whether it be legal recourse or simply your peers then perhaps it should be included too. I don't know of any specific group of people that have been targeted for liking the color orange, so that's why that shouldn't be included. Religious people are already protected (and should be). See what I mean? I'm genuinely trying to understand your viewpoint but I don't buy into the slippery-slope stuff. Major organizations and governments like the EU have instituted what I have described, nothing more, for people in the workplace and in schools. I honestly don't see the issue of including it, but I'd genuinely appreciate it if you told me why it shouldn't. And to address your point, yes I have been picked on, I have friends that have been picked on for just being perceived as gay. What you don't understand is that our system isn't perfect, and never will be perfect, but we can try to make it better. Reports are often ignored because of personal beliefs from individuals in the system and can even be extended to the ideals of the court system. What I'm saying is a clear explicit protection for this minority will hopefully eliminate any personal bias in any direction because there wouldn't be any room for interpretation one way or another. Worst part is I hate tumblr .
  3. There were a lot of points I'd like to address but this one specifically mentioned me so I thought I should defend myself a bit. I think you misunderstand what I'm saying: I'm am saying that the non-discrimination clause should be extended to sexual orientation and gender identity because it will be a "government decree" that guarantees the right to a safe environment for these individuals. Bullying laws don't cut it. For example, let's say you have a teacher and he says, "I hate you because you're Muslim and because you guys bombed France." The teacher isn't bullying per say, because bullying by nature is often repeated and habitual. While Florida does have pretty good bullying laws, those are for bullying. This is a different issue of discrimination. While bullying may be discrimination, discrimination isn't always bullying, and that's the issue. That is why the non discrimation clause exists: to specifically guarantee a safe environment regardless of race, religion, etx. School is there for education and regardless if you agree with their "lifestyle" don't you think our children deserve a safe environment free of harassment? Luckily the Muslim discriminated against has rights because of that clause. If the teacher said to me, "Alex I can't give you the extra credit because you are gay". I'd for one, probably flip, but I hope it would stand in court when I sue him. The backing the non-discrimation clause would further protect me and hopefully discourage that behavior. When an entire large group of people are not included in the clause, it can lead room for the courts or whoever decides the fate of the report to have to find another law to fall under a different "protection" we hopefully have. This petition is asking for the same explicit protections guaranteed to Muslims and African Americans, it is no different. That's all, I don't want to limit anyone's free speech, I just want my friends and family, my sons and daughters, that if they are born gay, they do not have to face the hatred that I have personally witnessed towards myself and others just for being perceived as gay. Regardless of what my school board thinks, I have to try, because there are others who are terrified to speak up, for the fear of intimidation and harassment. While this is sometimes reported, justice is often not served, and you'd know this if you have personally reported someone for harassment based on sexual orientation. It's hard to understand if you're not gay. I can't image the rhetoric I'm spewing sounds like, but I think if the tables were turned and being straight was the minority and that group of individuals were shunned by society, I think your opinion would change. god bless
  4. Wrong again. Pansexuals do not love "anything". They love people, and are attracted to anyone regardless of gender identity. Most people are are attracted to cisgender people ( and can be gay, straight, and bisexuals).
  5. It's actually not. It's what gender you are attracted to, not animal, age, color, whatever. It's literally make or female, or both, of neither.
  6. I'm sure it seems pretty useless when it's not you. Gender identity is different than sex. You are born a sex, and there isn't anyone disputing that. Gender identity is what you feel you are as a person, to put it simply. The American Psychiatric Association once classified homosexuality and gender identities that are not cisgender(you and me) to be mental disorders. Since then, they've changed their stance, advocating for more protection because it's not something that can be changed. You're right, but some individuals have a gender identity that does not conform to their sex. Basically, I'm saying regardless of whether you believe this is some liberal hoax, lol, it should be added as something protected against discrimination because these are the next leaders, the next Bill Gates, the next Maya Angelous, see what I mean? The state shouldn't allow this to happen, it's supposed to protect us from these things.
  7. Lol I think we got a bit off topic. If "anti-bullying rules" were sufficient enough to prevent these types of harassment, then we wouldn't have the non-discrimination clause. Think of it as a Bill of Rights, New York (I think) didn't ratify the Constitution without specifically asking for a Bill of Rights to have specific guarantees. If you've ever been to a public school in America, you know "anti-bullying rules" aren't good enough. The non-discrimination clause allows discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in its current state, because it does not specifically say that it is something that cannot be discriminated against. What I am looking for is a guarantee for the leaders of tomorrow to have a safe environment to learn in; odds are, their home lives suck because of their "lifestyle choice" and it's time to provide a safe place to learn, because that's what school should be: it should be a place for safe learning with no discrimination on things you can't change. It's inhumane for people to stand by and watch your friends and family kill themselves because they feel like there is nobody on their side.
  8. I have an interesting read for you psycho-passionate lovely people . I have started a campaign in my local community for the school board to add sexual orientation and gender identity as things that cannot be discriminated against. Seeing it first hand in my community, I believe the local government should personally guarantee the right to a safe environment to these groups to ensure a healthy setting is provided for learning. I'm hoping to reach a wider audience and promote a healthy discussion regarding the inclusion of these groups in the county's non-descrimination statement: http://www.stlucie.k12.fl.us/policies/ I'd love to hear, comments, concerns, and discussions. P Link: https://www.change.org/p/school-board-of-st-lucie-county-add-sexual-orientation-and-gender-identity-to-slc-school-board-s-non-discrimination-policy
  9. The rest of my infra, all 2,983.83 of it, appreciates the peace . Anyways, great job guys; y'all put up a good (great) fight.
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