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  1. The idea sounds cool, but I would much rather have Alex refine and improve the already-existing mechanics and features before adding things like this. The game is already suffering from bugs and glitches (i.g. the MAP glitch) along with extreme, server-breaking lag and connection problems during blitzes, feature creep shouldn't be one of them.
  2. An interesting idea, I guess, but wouldn't it detract from the player-led side of banking and loans? Idk, it seems kinda pointless.
  3. I don’t normally post in the forums during war because I find it too toxic for me to handle it (though this global war was less toxic than NPOLT), but after reading through this thread, I’m frustrated at how vehemently unwilling you are at accepting any criticism from anyone. In your search for the truth, you destroyed the trust that others had and pushed everyone who had the info you want away from you. You soured your relationship with AA leaders to the point that they may not give information to others in the future. You thought you had the truth, but you only had a narrative painted by one side. Listen to Kurdanak and don’t do what I did. I’m just bored. Any attempt to reason with Phoenix will be for nothing. They’re an antivaxxer, after all.
  4. I have nothing to critique about this. It’s the perfect suggestion for the mobile version. Though my phone is small (I use an iPhone 5s) it’s still annoying to reach for the top of the page for things like trading. I do have two computers that I can use, but I’m always on the mobile version in my phone because a) I don’t want my P&W session seen by my high school while I go online and b) the family computer is a Mac from around 2010 and incredibly slow at times. So I’m stuck with the mobile version of P&W. Having the navigation bar on the bottom makes it so much easier to be on mobile for P&W. Please implement this, Alex.
  5. Wind power plants right now are useless for most people, so buffing them would make them a viable option for upper-mid to upper tier nation. I’d suggest increasing the cost to build a wind power plant to at or above the cost of a nuclear power plant, as well. Side note: the formula for powered infra can be simplified to land/2, and the formula for the operational cost can also be simplified to $2*land.
  6. That’s exactly what happened to me!I thought it was just me, so I ignored it.
  7. The Syndicate and TKR have no military to maintain their net damage dealt. Once the military is gone, the infra is next.
  8. Maybe instead of clicking a drop down, you could hover your cursor over it and then click on the link. Also, a direct link to the most important places would be handy, like wars, military, etc.
  9. It takes up one slot and adds two empty slots, giving you a net gain of one empty slot. It’s nothing to shake at, but at the same time, it’s very useful for nations with 15-25 cities. I would recommend the price to be the cost to get a city from 10 infra to 2500 infra either once or twice over, about $32-62.5 mil. I’m leaning towards the lower end because you’re getting a net gain of one slot and it would let nations with lower city counts to pick it up, but the staff can adjust it however they want (for better or worse).
  10. More cute than hot, but his incompetence is a turn off.
  11. We already have projects that cost upwards of $500 million. We don’t need a multiplier added to project costs. It’ll make certain projects not worth the cost to get.
  12. Oh, I didn’t realize that. Maybe I and Hime-sama reacted because, at least in the US where I live, fascism is on the rise during a crisis and get a little trigger happy when someone seemingly defends something like a swastika. I don’t want bigotry to be unchallenged.
  13. Zephyr, I think you are missing something important here: context. No symbol exists in a vacuum, especially the swastika. If someone creates a nation with a southeast Asian, Buddhist theme, including the swastika as a religious symbol is fine. It’s not being used as a hate symbol. However, if the symbol is there with no context or is paired with Nazi imagery, then it’s safe to say that it’s used as a hate symbol and must be taken down. If you haven’t noticed, Politics and War is made by and American, played by people in the West. In the West, the swastika is used as a symbol of hate and Nazism, so if a Norwegian paints it on the side of their car, they’re not doing it because they’re pagan. They’re doing it because they’re a Nazi and want to show their affiliation. The swastika has been so tainted by Nazi appropriation of it that it’s unusable as a religious symbol. I know the more positive meaning of it, but please look at how the symbol is being used. A Buddhist themed nation can use it. Everyone else can’t.
  14. What made think you have to have the city timer cost 2 credits. You can just make the city timer cost 4 credits. Also, your objection is moot anyways because it takes longer than ten days to get a new city, especially if you have more than ten cities and are getting them without help from your alliance.
  15. I would suggest name/imp slots/land, instead. It would be more useful if you can match the total amount of improvements slots to a city build with the city with said improvements slots.
  16. I would recommend lowering the monetary cost of the project, since city planning is already expensive. Other than that, I like the idea of the project, and I would snag it later if it was implemented.
  17. I don’t think your supposed to reply to topics from the beta archives.

  18. [Verse 1] Make his fight on the hill in the early day Constant chill deep inside Shouting gun, on they run through the endless grey On they fight, for they're right, yes, but who's to say? For a hill, men would kill, why? They do not know Stiffened wounds test their pride Men of five still alive through the raging glow Gone insane from the pain that they surely know [Chorus] For whom the bell tolls Time marches on For whom the bell tolls [Verse 2] Take a look to the sky just before you die It's the last time you will Blackened roar, massive roar fills the crumbling sky Shattered goal fill his soul with a ruthless cry Stranger now are his eyes to this mystery Hears the silence so loud Crack of dawn, all is gone except the will to be Now they see what will be, blinded eyes to see [Chorus] For whom the bell tolls Time marches on For whom the bell tolls
  19. While it’s true that Mussolini was a socialist at one point, he did a 180 and radicalized towards fascism, and Hitler joined the Nazi Party because it appealed to his already-existing anxieties and anti-Semitism. Oh, and the reason why the Nazis of the ‘30s called themselves “national socialists” is to confuse supporters and critics of socialism. People sympathetic to socialism would accidentally support the Nazis instead of actual socialist parties, and critics may mistake the Nazi ideology as actual socialist beliefs and think all socialists are like the Nazis. You’re falling for the trap the Nazis set up 100 YEARS AGO. Brilliant! This!^ Thank you!
  20. Who are you responding to: me, or an exaggerated strawman? If it’s the latter, then you’re troll or a fascist. You’re not worth being responded to if you’re going to argue in bad faith.
  21. I have a question. I know you said that you want fascist alliances as villains, but why just fascist alliances? Why not any other form of authoritarian theme? If you just want fascist alliances, then go somewhere’s else. They’re going to attract neo-Nazis and white nationalists who hide behind irony and humor to avoid criticism, radicalize others, and normalize Nazism in a community of conservatives, reactionaries, and “”“””enlightened””””” centrists that is ripe for it. I’m sorry, but I can’t tolerate fascism, even alliances with fascist themes. Also, if Mussolini was so anti-Semitic, why did he willingly worked with someone who slaughtered millions of Jews?
  22. Then include an input for the defender‘s population. This could allow for more accurate simulation and less frustration.
  23. Utterly pointless. Since all AA’s require their members to use discord for their servers, players can send messages via Discord to each other.
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