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  1. When you're on top of the game, when you're winning, you should set examples. Show people what you're truly about. Make people realize that even with your triumphs, you are not tyrants. But I guess that doesn't matter to some people. Meh.

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    2. Buorhann


      You're talking about you and your alliance's actions, correct Dio?

    3. Dio Brando

      Dio Brando

      No, I'm talking about the fairy godmother that didn't give me sweets but took my teeth. Yes, plural.

    4. Rimski


      Lets take her teeth then

  2. @Noctis Anarch Caelum honestly dude, you get shit on by basically everyone in Orbis and you somehow manage to maintain your composure. 

    I don't know what that says about you, but it's something.

    1. True King

      True King

      Jesus said, "Blessed are you when you are hated and persecuted. Wherever you have been persecuted they will find no place."

      Also the forums only paint a small picture, most don't use them.:P

  3. Seeing Smith cry is gonna be fun. 

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