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  1. NPO & others never liked we accepted Gatercock despite his shit posting as he left the under our protection. So shit posting & war dodging are pretty much what I’ve heard reason wise from NPO. Was answering his question mostly, hopefully we learn from this not to waste our time or political capital on those types of things again. Although after Gatercock I can’t think of more war dodgers we let in; since usually it’s not worth it. I don’t pay attention to what IA does that much, but I’ve at least opposes letting more in after that.
  2. Probably feel like they’re making themselves look bad enough it’s not needed. Although think NPO has always considered them war dodgers & all the shitposting they did across many threads until hit probably didn’t help. The more I see them post the more deserved I realize the attacks were; even if at first I didn’t pay much attention to how they were trying to both use us for Protection & try making us look stupid for protecting them at the same time.
  3. Not so sure, if someone tries hard enough to create enough dislike between them and others; depending on who & what options they have; could end up as the living dead with no future potential. MinesomeMC's alliance is an example, his fixation on making sure Fark takes notice of him and we dislike him back is interesting. (Despite him normally being someone who I wouldn't even think relevant) The more I look into this situation; the more I realize how toxic that tie was & GOAT wasn't just a bad seed in an otherwise good alliance. If Otto is their head of FA and enough of a snowflake they're bend out of shape over us cancelling a treaty they didn't want & mentioning anything they did wrong. Although its them who can't handle hearing the truth & an echo chamber is where they'd probably like it best. Where their own ideas get bounced back at them; without hearing anything to challenge what they already believe.
  4. Anyways, seeing as you guys downvote anything telling you guys where you messed up and want to blame us for not keeping a treaty with people who would say they'd rather have aids than be tied with us; it's clear the attacks by NPO were deserved & Soupar helping you guys get out of the war early was a mistake. So maybe how Soupar handled it was best, I actually 100% agree with him doing an OWF post for you guys.
  5. If he lied about you saying it was fine; who knows what else. Although would have been surprising if you were fine being allied with people shit posting like that about us & trying to get it cancelled. (Unless maybe he mentioned your name, but then used he in reference to our alliance as a whole and maybe told someone who wasn't gov. lol)
  6. You guys had time to do something about that member if contacting Kosmos to try making sure he wouldn't cancel the treaty over the shit posting. (Also clearly you guys knew it could be cancelled over Goat's actions if you were worried about gov other than Soupar cancelling if they found out). Don't think Kosmos knew the full extent of the trolling and him not caring about that comment didn't mean it no longer mattered what Soupar thought anymore. Although you guys can either learn from it or not; your choice on that. That comment combined with whatever other trolling and pinging GOAT was doing; shouldn't have been surprising the inevitable result...
  7. Just seems GOAT really went out of his way to try pissing Soupar off, with nobody in your alliance seeming to have cared about that. So I can see why Soupar did it. Although normally we wouldn't cancel a treaty in such a way, but you guys should maybe reflect a little on where you guys messed up rather than just blame us for it.
  8. Even if maybe it could have been handled better, you guys made the situation worse for yourselves by turning it into a multi thread drama series bringing extra attention to it.
  9. If that's what you thought of us and why you were keeping the treaty; I don't think there was good enough reason for it to stay in place & good somebody cut it off at least rather than leave a dead tie in place...
  10. If you guys thought the relationship was already pretty much dead and just a matter of who would cancel first; not sure why you'd be upset when its cancelled & faux outrage. Goat even said he cancelled first; so obviously it was intentional the treaty goes. Although by the sounds of it, whatever GOAT may have done to convince Soupar to cancel wasn't denied by GOAT and got a laugh from him instead. So I don't doubt Soupar's version of what GOAT was doing. "By trolling me and pinging the shit out of me? Yeah, that's cancelling like a respectable alliance"
  11. Well, Goat tend to troll everywhere he goes & if he said that after you guys brought Goat in w/o caring about him seemingly trying to troll your FA ties away; wouldn’t be surprised if he said that learning friendship with some of the others wasn’t what he thought. Although know he wouldn’t have signed if he didn’t have faith in Gater before all this.
  12. There are benefits to taking the time in order to get a treaty signed by all the gov with words & such; rather than how you guys did it. What you guys had was highly reliant on you guys not suddenly making Soupar lose all confidence in you guys with some choices.
  13. You guys had enough time to respond going by what you guys posted on it. You guys still seemed to be defending Goat’s actions after the treaty was canceled & I started catching up. Trying to make it out like it was just dropped over memes. Kit I don’t really know myself & keeping a treaty with an alliance isn’t a guaranteed right; where once it’s signed maintaining friendly relations with your biggest backers are no longer needed.
  14. Let’s copy the most annoying features from CN here, so with sheer numbers any hegemony focused group can prevent a nation from trading with others in the game; doing so pushing them out of the game is easy.. No thanks, senate powers are always abused so those less connected get sanctioned out of the game if they fight back against any bad alliance who’s become part of that hegemony.
  15. Not sure why we’d protect an alliance who thinks it’s cool to shitpost us, but w/e. (Friends like that, who needs enemies really?) Could have done something other than dismiss it as cool to do & anyone who says otherwise wrong; had you really disagreed with the shitposting as well. Also was canceled over disrespect Soupar said; so your alliance response to the shit posting I think probably factored in. (Lacking respect to care if members they bring in are shit posting us, while we’re suppose to stick our knecks out for them regardless)
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