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  1. This and the Epi thread were both posted in discussion areas, so someone might be filing frivolous reports if for those threads.
  2. You're a bad liar or have memory issues; you started it as soon as you made the DoE. I even copy pasted the text from it earlier in the thread.
  3. Just letting you know the rules, since you seem confused. You're doing it wrong. (Although Alex doesn't like policing Discord)
  4. Alex has said before Discord Screenshots can be faked and aren't useable evidence. Also wrong area if reporting someone. (Although still a screenshot like that won't matter)
  5. You know what they say about snitches and stitches; with this not even being something worth wasting time snitching about. It was on Discord as well, screenshots from Discord aren't evidence usable here.
  6. lol, I'll just sit back and laugh at whatever terms you get with this approach. Maybe your laughing will make them give you better terms. Edit: Although still good luck with the talks and getting a good deal. Although probably best I let it play out without further input; as clearly my help is not needed with your new found comradery.
  7. I didn't read the whole thing, but guess they're just replacing symbolic position George had..
  8. Was saying surrender isn't the way to go, was only a matter of time before Coalition B fell apart more. Good luck to The Common Wealth though, you guys put up a good fight for a long time. Edit: Also good luck to BK if you guys drop GOONS & forge your own path.
  9. So you disagree with Jazz you guys aren't Goon Order of Oppression Negligance & Sadism here as well. At least you're slightly more honest than him; even though its obvious he's full of BS.
  10. Think reading the posts from most of your allaince's post isn't healthy. Marxalot sometimes makes posts worth reading, although the majority of you might as well just go on my block list. No need to respond to a cancer as you destroy it. lol.
  11. Well, I don't really want any involvement in peace talks and only way I'd even consider it would be if Nizam wanted me to. Since I'm not even convinced you guys should even surrender, although that's up to you guys. I'd still go for a while peace eventually, but whatever you guys want to do is fine with me.
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