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  1. I'll hold you to that The countdown begins....
  2. When will GOONS be coming back?
  3. Convince the FTW guys to come from the other side of the ether Also, nice vid. Have fun everyone.
  4. He who has instigated entertaining conflict may cast the first stone.
  5. I really appreciate these kinds of threads. Thank you. Someone should make a state of the game thread for those of us not in the know.
  6. From what I remembered, there seems to be several treaty drops as a result of this. Is this true or is ingame lying to me?
  7. @Lelouch Vi Britannia, with my right for my Italian jokes due to my close geographical location to it, I claim thee an impasta of you.

  8. Cool, are ya'll going to convince FTW and CLAWS to come over too?
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