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  1. It’s hilarious how angry and shook you guys are that nations with more cities are hitting you. Half the war has been selling down for me, stocking nukes honestly set you up to get fricked with conventional warfare.
  2. Scroll up to where it was said they are an insurance method. You guys were content with your thumbs up your ass and talking shit to everyone else because you thought your nukes would keep them away. You’ve been sitting on them for so long now that there is basically no way for you to ever get your moneys worth out of them, especially under this new war system. So so yes you are launching them, after over a year of doing nothing. High value.
  3. What is the payoff at 35m a day upkeep? Maybe if you guys used them as something more than an intimidation method you could have seen a more effective benefit.
  4. Please help me - I don't know if these broken sentences are meant to be satire or you actually lack ample knowledge of sentence structure.
  5. A little bit ago there was a thread about Fark reaching a thousand nukes. This costs: 1,750,000,000 dollars 750,000 aluminum 500,000 gasoline 250,000 uranium This doesn’t even include the cost of building NRFs, or upkeep costs. With just the cash from that you could build a new nation up to 20 cities (without the policy), and still have over 250 mil left over. Here is a short list of some other things you could do: - power the 20 city nation for 5200 real life days without ever buying uranium (assuming it is at 2k infra) - build 1,000 subways - purchase max planes for that 20 city nation, almost 139 times. - airstrike with max planes 1,111 times before ever needing more gas. ADDED BONUS: Daily upkeep of this many nukes (during peacetime) is 35,000,000 per day.
  6. In the other thread there was a remark about TGH fronts and only being a few wars. If you’re gonna include every one (not considered a whole front) then TGH is also hitting BK.
  7. Did you just assume my affiliation?
  8. This has been mentioned to him like five times man.
  9. That insult doesn’t help the roast you just received from Alex man.
  10. I understand what you are saying, and it really wasn’t directed at the “insurance” type gameplay you just explained. It’s more referencing the flexing done by apeman and kosmo in recent times, threatening moves with nukes - not conventional warfare. The war system does not favor sitting around and building so many nukes. It allows people with more cities to hit you at your inflated score, you can’t really downdeclare, and you don’t even do full damage with the new war types. There is almost no benefit to hoarding stocks of nukes other than to use it as a scare tactic.
  11. I honestly have no idea what you are trying to tell me. Please, try again.
  12. It appears I have overestimated the mental fortitude of NB
  13. Maybe use a strategy that doesn't require getting the shit kicked out of you and mutually assured destruction afterward? I honestly have no fricking clue how war is fun with the methods that your sphere uses.
  14. Give it like 2 or 3 days before we start seeing demands for nukes to be stronger
  15. I mean apeman is also just a notorious shit talker. That should be cb enough.
  16. Pubstomper


    That new raid feature tho
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