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  1. I would argue it's more a technicality than a morality issue. It's no secret VE has had an issue with activity and I assume to get something like impeachment done it requires a good amount of active members and gov to pass. I'll need to go check but I feel it's a safe assumption to say that it is percentage based in terms of what is required with the votes. It is possible Olorin could not get enough votes, but could still have a good chunk of the active people just based off of the requirements to take someone out of office. Does this make him a bad person? No. Deep down I know that I think he should have just left and taken those he had supporting him with him, for the sake of not breaking the charter and for a few other reasons. However, I won't question morality over a charter that likely was written at (and for) a much different time for the alliance than right now.
  2. That's fair, in all honesty a more appropriate motion would have been to just leave and take the people who disagreed along so as to not break charter policy. However, I still think that people are treating the situation much worse than it should be.
  3. Okay Mr. Straw Man excellent debate we've had here.
  4. It's actually nothing like that at all. 1. He chose to lead, ran in an election, whatever it was. And won. Putting himself in the situation. 2. He interacts with the people who coup him, and his actions directly influence their opinion of him. 3. If you have had anyone in your life that has been raped you would realize how terribly offensive it is that you resort to that as a counter for a point about leading an alliance in a nation sim.
  5. I mean if you want my real view all you had to do what ask If you were a satisfactory leader you wouldn't have been coup'd in the first place. It obviously is something that shows you need to work on your methods and character flaws. "It's just one guy" isn't really true, when you look and see there are people in VE who have been active online yet haven't moved with you to tVE. That means there was a divide within the alliance you were supposed to keep unified. I do feel bad for you in regards of how shitty this entire situation with Alex reassigning gov was and it's timing heavily influencing the way things went for you. However, things of this fashion aren't often done in a day - they take planning. If the situation with the admin didn't happen you still would have been hit with a curveball sooner or later.
  6. The ends justify the means, if it's a leader than is truly making decisions that aren't even necessarily bad - but not supported by the one's they are leading, then yes a coup is necessary. Now I don't know Seeker well personally, but based on some of the things I have heard it was only a matter of time before someone was going to do something to act out against him.
  7. Let's just give them codenames. Let's call Viridian Entente "Sean", and The Viridian Entente "Shawn".
  8. I wonder how much d*** sucking seeker did for all these people to post for his cause so quickly. EDIT: Can not believe that word isn't censored lol
  9. Honestly, having kastor as a protector will make people more inclined to raid TVE than before
  10. In my personal opinion I think VE has shown that they need to work some on communication and organizational issues. Granted, I have only been playing this game for a little while I still think it is a fair assumption to make. This reminds me of the disagreement in the mid 20th century about politics, we have Olorin in the east and seeker in the west. This is the start of what VE will later call the internal cold war.
  11. "But you're not gonna break my soul, this is the part of me that you can never take away from me." - Another response EDIT: I support the legitimate VE government.
  12. "No I don't think this will cause VE to disband, they are an old alliance, but, this has the be the biggest !@#$ up from VE since... pretty much ever." - Actual statement made on discord.
  13. Also, if I can get enough interest in CS:GO then that will be added in
  14. I was recently resurrected back to this game to try and expand Rose beyond just politics and war, we are looking at getting out to Dota 2, Rust, Rocket League, Civ VI, EU IV, Crusader Kings II, and Hearts of Iron IV. We welcome all of you to come take part and play with us. You can find them under the gaming board on http://rose-pnw.enjin.com/forum
  15. Lol Codonian is actually that high in gov
  16. Well go ahead and tell me the intel you have, I'll let you know how much it would be worth selling
  17. I'm so excited. You bringing cxcccc? Spoke to bloc, can confirm this is not even going to contain the real people from bloc
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