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  1. Actually iirc a bigger portion of tourists come from China and Japan now. Might be wrong though
  2. Lol fail the psych exam my ass, I had a top secret clearance
  3. Could we combine both of those images? That would be kind of badass.
  4. That is the Marxist idea of bourgeois, I just didn't mention the part about owning the means of production.
  5. The ruling class today is descended from the middle class of the feudal era (the bourgeois).
  6. I've noticed a trend that anti-nationalists tend to be bourgeois.
  7. I never understood the stigma of being a white nationalist, I'm a Hawaiian Nationalist, there are also black, arab, kurdish, Tibetan, Japanese nationalists.
  8. Lol at the idea that there are no races, the bourgeoisie are always so desperate for everyone to be individual human resource units rather than have our own identity.
  9. "Democracy" is fascism.
  10. Perhaps, like King Kamehameha renaming the entire Island Chain after his home island Hawaii, we will also lead other lands under the name of Hawaii, and usher in for them a future brighter than anything they can imagine. The foreigners will behold the nobility of the Kanaka Maoli and strive to be like us, to liberate themselves and align themselves with our righteous cause.
  11. I think though that a big part of why our culture is superior, is not only our strong roots and collectivist thinking, but also that we easily adapt the best of other cultures. We are like the borg unburdened by excessive conservatism. King Kamehameha quickly adopted rifles, later on Christianity was adopted along with absolute monarchy. We developed the highest literacy rate in the world and Iolani Palace had electricity before the white house. We were a very advanced and prosperous Nation and it was all take away from us by traitors to the Crown. So with the same spirit of forward-think
  12. Made this poster to commemorate the struggle and heroism of our King, who sought to create a Pan-Polynesian Empire but was betrayed by the bourgeois plantation usurpers at home.
  13. You guys really do want to make mainlanders look like filthy degenerates.
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