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  1. But this conflicts with what Partisan just posted. You are essentially saying that the papered treaties force us to remain in the confines of "both spheres." But Partisan just said that tS at the time was ok with Alpha entering on the side of Rose against Roz Wei, so it is obviously a more flexible arrangement. 


    "Neither sphere" and "both spheres" is a matter of semantics. Of course, I would still argue that requires a more intimate relationship than Steve had. In fact, I would argue that papered treaties give a more valid CB, since you would be citing the first clause and not randomly jumping in out of the blue. Though, I suppose it does mean that Alpha could not directly engage either Rose or tS because of the treaties, but that limitation is not too relevant for alliance interests anyway. 



    Shocking news, I'm not Partisan. Maybe that's your problem. You think we all have the same outlooks on thing just because we both think you're obscenely ill-informed. Where did I say I was okay with you entering against Roz Wei? You don't get to tell me what my views on things are. You should have done nothing that war. Because you handcuffed yourself by signing both spheres. You couldn't honor one side without hurting the other. Attacking any alliance on a side of a war weakens all alliances on that side of the war because one front is now under more pressure causing resources to shift all around this making the side weaker. By attacking ANYONE in that war you would have hurt one of your allies. That's why signing both Rose and tS was the worst move anyone could have ever made in Alpha. You put yourself in two spheres at the same time. TEst does not do that. That's why we don't straddle two spheres. Read. Understand. Learn.




    I finally found it. God, it was buried under all that shit. https://politicsandw...vents/?p=232159


    My memory from the Rose leak was actually a little hazy. I thought only Rose wasn't going to fight, but the leak alluded to VE and UPN being hurt by the demilitarization as well, which meant that your alliance was probably looking at a Mensa HQ/tS/TEst vs. Alpha/NPO fight at the worst case scenario, a match up that would have been roughly 2 to 1 membership-wise. Not to mention one side is more militarized than the other. That's got to be easier than a weakened Pantheon v. TEst/Roz Wei/Arrgh. Asking allies to sit the war out was the only good option, in light of our situation.

    Again, you're grossly ill-informed. I spoke to several gov members of various alliances allied or allied to allies of Alpha. Every response I got was "we will honor our treaty" which either meant they would be directly supporting you, or they would have been supporting an alliance supporting you in the case of allies of allies. Those statements in some cases were followed with "we will likely be leaving them after the war", though. Your continuing to speak without knowing things. Please stop. Your assessment of nearly everything is entirely wrong. You are wrong an amazing amount of the time it's understandable why you're still in Alpha.


    Your stupidity has hit a breaking point. You've reached the point where you no longer get spoken to nicely. You've rambled on failing to make reasonable points for too many posts now. You're now classified as incompetent and will be treated as such. If you continue to post replies to me with such pointless drivel you will no longer be given any courtesy. You will be mocked. You will be insulted. You will be treated with the disrespect you show towards reasonable thought and logic. Continue to pointlessly flail your idiotic narrative at your own masochistic peril. 

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  2. So, why is Alpha's "straddling of spheres" a bad decision? It obviously works with TEst. Is it because the "straddling" used two paper treaties instead of backroom channeling? 


    Because both sides expected you to fight for them, or at least not fight against them and their allies. With TEst we're free to support any cause we want. Neither side expects our support unless it was already promised. I'm not stupid enough to promise my support to both spheres during a war.


    You were constantly in both spheres. We're in neither sphere. You view these things as the same, they are not.

  3. I didn't think Steve was going to ask his allies to sit out. I thought your allies jumping in to the fight would result in some of them leaving being your allies after the fight though. I imagine Steve thought the same thing and that's why he asked them to sit out. If anything I thought it would result in politically isolating Alpha a bit giving them less ammo to come after us without a CB. 


    You don't think I should have thought TEst was gonna get rolled hard? Look at the last two times a paperless alliance supported tS in a major war, Roz Wei got railed hard because there was no penalty/counters for hitting them. Arrgh had that happen against UPN and friends before that. Not hard to think that TEst would be viewed as the low risk target due to less counters. 


    To your "isn't TEst straddling two spheres" comment. Yes and no. We're willing to work with anyone who's goals line up with ours. If our goal is fighting x alliance for x reason, and another alliance wants to fight alliance x for y reason that'll work. We will work with alliances who help give us what we want. We will also fight for a cause we deem worth while, even if it doesn't benefit our political aspirations. Sometimes a cause is enough, sometimes personal gain is enough, sometimes just doing it for fun is enough. We straddle two sides because there are only two sides that contain most of the players in this game. If we didn't we'd limit who we're working with and we make it clear to people we're working with what's going on. We don't try to play both sides, we try to benefit whatever side we find ourselves on at the time, or whatever cause we find ourselves behind. 


    Also, woo 2 pages.

  4. There was a lot of confusion for Alpha initially. As you can imagine, when someone plots that kind of drill and then does a 180 so fast it breaks your neck, there was a lot of us who were thinking that Seabass's account was hacked. Everything about the drill was wrong. Why would anyone deliberately put their alliance through something so self-destructive? Anyone in a leadership position with the interest of the alliance and their allies would not have done something so politically suicidal. We now know it was on purpose. The natural reaction of Alpha was that Seabass had been hacked, and that TEst was just trying to save its skin from a major information leak. 


    That's fair I'm sure that whole thing did throw Sparta's allies for a loop. In my defense though I did try to clear the air with a public post explaining things the day before but apparently no one believed me, which I'd understand. I'd challenge anyone to find a scenario where I've lied to people in such a fashion though.



    Let's not play games here, TEst had already started planning rolling Alpha well before any Rose leak, you yourself expressed the desire of your membership to do so. The Rose leak was irrelevant, you could have dug up logs that said some lowly Alpha member talking crap and used it as a CB. TEst just had to wait for the right moment when the entire sphere was in chaos (again, conveniently from the "drill") before being able to jump in. You keep blaming Alpha for being a political failure, but would Alpha have really taken such a dive if Seabass's "drill" didn't happen? Would you have been able to find another scenario where TEst and tS were in a 2 on 1 against Alpha? Writing off Alpha's failure purely because of politics is missing a key event that shaped the outcomes that led to today.


    You were at the top of our Bingo list, yeah. We wanted to fight you, but mostly because we thought it would be fun. We also thought fighting Sparta would be fun in that poll. We didn't have a motivation to go through with attacking you until those leaks. You can't tell me the reason for why I did what I did, you don't know what I was thinking. There was a catalyst for us attacking you, it was those forum leaks from Rose. Have a threat of my alliance being attacked without a real cause? You bet I'm going to act. Mind you I thought we were going to get rolled hard by your allies countering us. Sure we'd win in the long haul but I figured Syndicate and TEst were gonna take a sever beating. I did try to dissuade Sparta from getting involved. I knew who was lined up to counter them if they attacked us.


    Honestly here's how that whole war would've likely played out had those logs not leaked. Syndicate declares on Alpha. Alpha's allies declare on Syndicate, counters counters etc.. TEst would have likely fought Sparta when/if they entered the war. But I've been trying to focus on TEst's involvement in this blog. 


    To reiterate, the Rose leak was very influential on us. I don't know what you would have done had the seabass thing not happened, because I didn't expect the seabass thing to go beyond a military drill. I still blame Alpha's fall squarely on Alpha making bad choices, starting with trying to straddle the spheres. I !@#$ed a ton about that when I was a member of Alpha. 

  5. First time we talked about merging was probably about 6 months prior to the merge. 


    The reason we went to war with Alpha was Rose's forum leak showing their allies felt Alpha was wanting to fight TEst without a CB. Which is something Seabass or myself had no ability to control. 


    If anything Seabass had a grand scheme to merge Sparta into TEst. Alpha used a biproduct of that plan to express interest in rolling TEst in some form that gave Rose leadership the impression you'd roll us even if the "leak" was just due to a training drill I was helping Sparta with. The reason we attacked Alpha, was because of that. Give us a reason and be an alliance we want to fight, and we will fight you. 


    Alpha's downfall was Alpha's own doing. Not some grand scheme. It was your failure, not our success. Alpha tried to straddle both sides of the web by signing both Rose and Syndicate. Alpha made an enemy of TEst. Neither of those moves worked out. I'm sorry that you can't believe that your leadership made bad moves and need to cover that up with the idea that I and others had some nefarious plot. 


    Again. It's your failure, not my success. I'm a guy that likes to brag about his success too. 

  6. Honestly TFP's biggest problem was trying to drag everything into a public spotlight with replying in that thread the way they did. You can't spit out our lenient terms publicly and be let walk free. That looks bad on us. So next time we're trying to get a silly flag or something done in a war some alliance can just TFP threw fit in public and they got white peace.. 


    Lets be honest, our terms are very lenient. Sure, you can think they're insulting but a month goes by quick. And it's just you Alliance page that flies it, not the nations. Had they actually mounted some sort of real retaliation to go with all their big words we likely would've gone "hey, they do have some fight in them and aren't that bad", and then had let them go simply for trying. We like pluckiness. It goes a long way.


    But we're past that point now. We've come up with a different peace term that is light-hearted as well. Hopefully they take that one. 

  7. To clarify Caecus's question. Seabass approached me about wanting some fake intel about plotting against Sparta. He apparently tried running a military drill without a threat which produced lack luster results, he asked me to help give a bump in the ass with some fake logs. I came up with the alliance announcement, screenshotted it and gave it to him.


    Here's a snipit or two from our conversation shortly after everything was made public by Seabass, because it looked like he was going to !@#$ me.



    [19:30] <seabasstion> aww i hope you dont take this mad. pulling the plug or not. i wasn't giving you lip service when i said i regard you as the best player
    [19:31] <Prefontaine> I'm not mad.
    [19:31] <seabasstion> would you hold that against us?
    [19:31] <Prefontaine> I said it was well executed.
    [19:31] <Prefontaine> And said Kudos.
    [19:32] <Prefontaine> In terms of in game FA, I won't trust you as much anymore.
    [19:32] <seabasstion> that is understandable
    [19:32] <Prefontaine> Out of game, I appreciate the move.
    [19:32] <seabasstion> that is why i targeted test. of all alliances i thought you would appreciate it
    [19:32] <Prefontaine> I was being honest when I said I still considered you allies.
    [19:33] <seabasstion> so the merge...out of the question? i mean nothing really changed i just took it to the 11th hour
    [19:33] <seabasstion> although maybe some of our guys will be mad at me. lol
    [19:33] <Prefontaine> Well, depends on the answer to my question.
    [19:34] <Prefontaine> Who came up with the plan, you or collab with Alpha?
    [19:35] <seabasstion> 100% me. nobody knew
    [19:35] <seabasstion> not even jim
    [19:35] <seabasstion> im getting yelled at lol
    [19:35] <Prefontaine> Then yeah, we'd be open to merging still.
    [19:36] <Prefontaine> Why'd you want to actually attack us though?
    [19:37] <Prefontaine> I mean it's a move that really damages your credibility to be trusted, just to hit us. When you didn't really need it in the first place, you could have just hit us if you really wanted to.
    [19:40] <Prefontaine> So, you guys going to be attacking us or not?
    [19:40] <seabasstion> no i am cancelling it
    [19:40] <seabasstion> for a minute i thought about rope a doping you x2


    The whole thing was Seabass. I was just trying to help him out. If he did use it to !@#$ me over, like I said in the logs I appreciate the move from a players perspective. I was going to have to destroy him down the road for it of course. But he came clean at the last moment affirmed what I had been telling people. 
    [20:05] <Prefontaine> So.
    [20:05] <Prefontaine> How pissed off is Steve?
    You think it's a plan started by me. I thought Alpha might've had a hand in it way back when. It was just Seabass. 
  8. Yes, our Rise was intentional and Planned. I planned to have my alliance succeed and grow. If your alliance leader doesn't have that intention or plan, then I feel bad for you. 


    Of course we worked with tS in our attack on you, we launched a coordinated assault. If your alliance leaders don't coordinate with alliances they're working with, then I feel bad for you. 


    When you mention TEst's growth, you're talking about me and the moves I've made. So when you've been talking about TEst, you've been talking about me. I'll give you a glimpse on why we work. I find out in general what my members want, then I try to deliver it to them. 

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