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  1. I'd advise researching what GGA did in their years in "some other nation building game", then making sure you don't do anything they did....
  2. For players who for whatever reason wish to remain smaller, can get access to at least one national project, without skewing NS. It has been my observation that cities tend to add NS without adding actual strength. They only add "potential" actual strength (speaking militarily), but actualizing that potential interferes with range pocket management.
  3. Can one and how does one scrap (delete) a city?
  4. "Brainwashed" by Nuclear Assault followed by "General of the Dark Army" by Unleash The Archers
  5. Slot filling is when you occupy a defensive slot for the purpose of protecting the declaree from other attacks. What advantage is there to declaring and waiting 3 days to make good on the declaration? If you carried 12 maps forward and racked up 24 more in the last 2 days, you had better be hitting an inactive, because with just 36 maps, you won't beat someone who actually resists you. All navy attacks gives you max damage of 126 (assuming all immense victories); or 120 of immense ground victories. Light resistance and a few fortys and the war will expire. To answer your question, is the purpose of your declaration to prevent someone else from declaring? If so, Probably slot filling.
  6. Would it be considered irrational for a raider to raid an AA who's front page says "Raiders will be executed", "Raiders won't profit", "Raiders will be countered", "Raid at your own risk", "Raiders will be nuked and disemboweled", et al,,?
  7. Stocking up on air fresheners now. But seriously, I've fought Arrgh in at least three different alliance wars, and I must admit they have a great attitude and don't take themselves so seriously. Shout out to Ogaden.
  8. Thanks Katie. In my opinion, not that anyone asked, but I'd rather see beige as a consequence, rather than a shield. It's trivial if one can declare on a hapless inactive and erase beige. Given this explanation I can see why beiging is frowned upon, because it doesn't take anyone out of the fight. Anyway, issue resolved.
  9. I was under the impression being beiged meant you couldn't declare or be declared upon. However on three instances I have seen beige nations declare (one, less than 24 hours after being nuked). Is this a glitch or do I misunderstand the mechanics on this? Because if this is a normal game feature then being beiged might be a great tactic, where you get a free hand but can't be countered. Thanks.
  10. I was told there would be free beer here... Damningwithfaintpraise https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=34138
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